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8 Things People Don’t Understand You Are Doing Because You Are Emotionally Hurt


They say strong people are not those who always know how to get out of trouble, or who quickly solve their problems, or who always look happy. Rather it’s those who have gone through a lot of pain and who have managed to gather the strength to shake their pain and move forward every time they got hurt.

When you’ve been hurt time and time again, you have emotional wounds that you feel in the depths of your being. You have deep emotional scars – scars that other people don’t see. You sometimes do things which may appear odd to others, and the reason for this is that you think differently from them.

Following are 8 things which you might be doing because you’re emotionally hurt:

1. You overanalyze everyone and everything around you.

Your emotional wounds make you overanalyze even things that most people wouldn’t notice. You overanalyze every decision you have to make and you overanalyze other people’s words and actions. As a result of this, sometimes even the smallest and most insignificant things can get to you. Overanalyzing and stressing over unimportant things is something we all do, but you do it in extremes.

2. Sometimes you feel numb because you feel everything on a profound level.

You feel things so deeply and intensely that you sometimes get overwhelmed to the point of going ‘numb.’ You feel unable to think and feel any emotions clearly. You don’t care about what’s going on around you. You feel empty, numb.

3. You no longer believe in yourself.

When you’re emotionally hurt, you stop believing in yourself. You doubt your strength and qualities. You second-guess your decisions and you don’t think that you’re capable of doing anything right. You don’t see your true potential.

Other people perceive this trait of yours as a sign of weakness – they don’t understand that you’re doing this since you’re emotionally hurt.

4. You obsess about things you can’t change.

And these are usually negative things that already happened or are happening now in your life. It’s very hard for you to let go of your mistakes and all the sad, painful things you’ve been through and this prevents you from focusing on the positive things in your life.

5. You have an irregular sleep schedule.

Your sleep patterns vary from sleeping for 10-12 hours to not getting sleep at all. The reason for this is that you tend to stay up late at night thinking about all the bad things you’ve gone through. However, know that if you don’t get your sleep schedule back in sync, you can jeopardize your overall health.

6. You quickly get annoyed by others.

You feel like all the patience has been sucked out of you. Little, insignificant things that other people do, like when someone is making a lot of noise around you, get on your nerves and make you fly off the handle right away. Other people can’t understand why you’re behaving this way.

7. You look for all kinds of distractions.

You do your best to keep yourself busy all the time. You constantly look for distractions so as to free your mind from unwelcome, negative thoughts.

8. You feel stuck.

You feel like things are never going to get better in your life. You feel like no one understands how you’re feeling and what you’re going through. You feel like no one can help you and heal your emotional wounds. You feel lost. You feel stuck.

But, what you should remember is that the more you shut down, the harder it becomes for other people to understand how you’re feeling and help you overcome your problems and pain.

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Riley Cooper