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These 3 “Bad” Habits Are Signs Of High Intelligence, According To Psychologists



We are used to thinking that high intelligence comes with tidiness, classy behavior or working from early in the morning. But, it seems that these don’t actually come hand in hand. Instead, scientists discovered that certain bad routines can be a sign of high IQ, not laziness or bad manners.

Next time someone blames you of being lazy for sleeping until noon, you don’t have a reason to be bothered with this accusation. You have science on your side. That only shows that you’re intelligent.

Characteristics that are signs of high intelligence

Some habits that are considered as negative might hide a more positive side, as it turns out. Three different studies have shown that some traits that are usually seen as bad can be sign of high intelligence. The link between intelligence and these bad habits was proved by researchers recently. Waking up late, swearing and messiness are no longer signs of laziness or poor behavior, as it was thought before, but of high intelligence.

1. They wake up late

Sleeping until late might be a bad habit, especially if you have a 9-5 job. However, this habit can be a sign of high IQ, a study shows.

All animals have the so called “circadian rhythm” that tells them when to go to sleep or wake up. This daily cycle is natural to humans, but we also have the ability to adapt it. So, when we want to or we need to, we can override this rhythm. So, it’s up to us whether we will wake up early or late.

Apparently, intelligent people tend to wake up late, an analysis shows. Namely, researchers discovered that statistically, people with higher IQs usually stay up late and wake up later in the morning.

It makes sense. Leonardo Da Vinci almost didn’t sleep and Albert Einstein has once discovered that he needed only few hours of sleep. Charles Darwin and Elvis Presley were also night owls, and nobody can doubt their intelligence.

2. They swear

People who swear probably don’t have a rich vocabulary, right? That’s the public opinion, but it’s far from a fact. New study conducted at Marist College in New York suggests something different.

Namely, the recent study shows that people who swear actually have a rich vocabulary and are smarter than the rest. The study explains how high IQ and swearing are linked by indicating that individuals who swear have richer vocabularies and higher rhetoric skill.

Apart from this, people who swear are usually more honest than the rest because they don’t suppress their emotions, but show them instead.

Swearing is also good for relieving stress and helps the person feel better after an unpleasant situation. So, don’t worry if someone you love swears a lot because chances are that they are honest and intelligent.

3. They have a messy room

Another trait of people with high intelligence is messiness. Namely, people who are busy with important things don’t have time to tidy up their room.

This hypothesis has been suggested by a psychologist at Minnesota University, who was the first one to link messiness and intelligence.

How can this be possible, you wonder? Actually, it makes a total sense. The psychologist links messiness to breaking away from convention. So, people who are messy are also creative and innovative. The mess lets them think outside of the box, while order limits them.

What’s so bad about a messy room that can inspire an amazing thought, anyway?

Mary Wright


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