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10 Facts About Your Brain That Prove You Can Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind On


The most complex and extraordinary thing that we, humans, have is our brain. Therefore, we have to be aware of the fact that with using our brain’s capabilities in the right way we can achieve and accomplish anything we want. This can only happen if we understand the ways in which the brain works and use them to our advantage.

Here are 10 most important facts of the brain that will get you started in understanding how the brain works:

1.     Our brain doesn’t make a difference between imagination and reality

Knowing the fact that our brain can’t distinguish between what is real and what is not, we can finally make sense of how the placebo effect works on our body as a real medicine. Or, for example, this is why people who tend to see the world through pink-colored glasses are always happier than others who are more skeptical and realistic.

2.     Our brain doesn’t get tired of mental work

   The blood flow through the brain remains the same during the whole time of the brain’s active work. Consequently, the feeling of brain tiredness that we may experience is only emotional. That feeling is not an indicator that our brain is tired. However, the vein blood does change considerably in a person who has worked all day.

3.     Our brain works automatically

Most of the time, half of our thoughts that we experience throughout the day are nothing but a result of our thoughts from the previous day. This is the main reason why pessimists have such a difficulty to change their perception of life. The solution to this problem is that pessimists should “clean” their brain literally and think more positive thoughts.

4.     Our brain’s thoughts become our visual reality

In other words, we tend to see what we are thinking about at the moment. In this way, our thoughts become our reality in life. For instance, if we desire to get married and have kids, we will see kids and hear wedding bells everywhere. So, the quality of our thoughts is essential to the quality of the life we will have.

5.     Just like our muscles, our brain needs training too

Our brain is a vital organ and it needs the same kind treatment and exercise that we give to our muscles. It needs to be trained and exercised for it to function properly. There are various ways for us to train our brain, such as: learning new things, reading, walking in nature, working out, sleep, healthy diet, dancing, visiting new places, playing Tetris etc.

6.     Our brain is always active

Our brain never sleeps. In fact, when we are sleeping our brain is the most active in that state – much more than during the day.

7.     Our brain needs to ‘shut-down’ every now and then

In order for us to clear our heads up and let go of the negative thoughts we might have, it is very important from time to time to “shut our brain down” and get a break from everything. This activity recovers our energy and strengthens our immune system. The most effective way of “shutting down” is the state of “active rest”. This does wonder for our brain.

8.     Our ability to forget keeps our brain and nervous system strong and flexible

Our brain’s memory is not limitless. So, we need to get rid of some old thoughts and memories to free up space for new ones. If you want to be able to choose which memories will be saved and which not – you can always try to reinterpret the situation and the memory in your head more often.

9.     Our brain cannot feel pain

Even though our brain is capable of reacting to pain – it is immune to the feeling of pain. This is due to the shortage of required receptors around the brain. However, this doesn’t involve the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that surround the brain.

10. We are able to change our brain

Every new activity that we implement and engage in generates new neural connections to our brain. With this in mind, we must be fully in touch with our consciousness in order to control our thoughts and thus our lives. For example, if we want to reach some goal, it helps if we start repeating daily the phrase: “I’ll succeed.” This gives our brain an ability to help us in achieving our dreams.  

In conclusion, there might be truth in the saying – “What you think about, you bring about.”

Mary Wright


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