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This Is What’s Wrong With Jim Carrey’s Awkwardly Iconic Interview At New York Fashion Week That Went Viral


Catt Sadler, an anchor for “E! News”, has probably experienced one of the most bizarre interviews in her career when she recently interviewed Jim Carrey during New York Fashion Week at the ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ party.

Jim is known for his deep spiritual beliefs; however, when the 55-year-old actor stopped for a quick red carpet’s interview the things went off from the start. After walking around Sadler three times, he said that he finds no meaning to any of that. He was looking for the most meaningless thing he could do – so he came to the party.

The party was a celebration for icons, with stars like Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Nikky Minaj, and Kendall Jenner attending. However, Jim Carrey seemed like he wasn’t enjoying himself there. When Sadler pointed out that the party was for celebrating icons, Jim said: “Celebrating icons, boy that is just the absolute lowest aiming possibility that we could come up with. Do you believe in icons? I don’t believe in personalities. I don’t believe that you exist, but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air.”   

And although many people found his speech extremely powerful and insightful; there are some who think that he is full of “spiritual ego”.

So, what is wrong with Carrey’s brief interview?

Even though he shared some thought-provoking insights, such as: “peace lies beyond personalities”, “we are a field of energy dancing through itself”, and “there is no meaning to all of this”; the real problem lies in the way he delivered those messages.

He is so full of himself – full of “spiritual ego”. He even looks down on the reporter while he talks to her thinking that his insights and beliefs are above that of the interviewer. In fact, the whole interview looks nothing like an actual interview because there is no question-answer dynamics. It looks more like Jim lecturing Sadler about his perspective on life.

She tried to have a constructive dialogue several times, but he shut her down immediately stating that “there is no meaning to all of this.”

When she commented that he got all dressed up and complimented him that he looks good; he simply said that he didn’t get dressed up because there is no him; there are just things happening, and we don’t exist – the whole world doesn’t exist. He finished by saying that we don’t matter and left squeezing Sadler’s hand.

So, the problem is not his perspective, but the way he looked down on Sadler with such ‘fullness and assertiveness’ like his way is the only right way. Besides, many spiritual gurus can agree that the true spirituality and true enlightenment is something that goes beyond words. And the most enlightened and spiritual people are those who treat people with respect and kindness.

And this was not the case. Watch the video for yourself. 

Mary Wright


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