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21 Things You Should Stop Doing To Yourself Because They Are Holding You Back


We can’t go back and change our past, but we can always start today and have a whole new ending. Transformation always comes from the inside. There is no escape from ourselves.

And in order to transform in the most beautiful way, it’s essential to stop doing these 21 things to yourself.

1. Spending Valuable Time with Wrong People

Life is too short to waste your time with negative and toxic people who suck the life out of you. Respect yourself enough to not offer your time and energy to people who are just wrong for you.

2. Lying to Yourself

Your life will drastically improve when you start being honest with yourself. After all, you can lie to anyone, but you can’t lie to yourself. Being vulnerable and honest is the key to transforming your life into a happier one.

3. Trying to Be Someone You’re Not

In a society that is trying to make everyone the same, it is very difficult to stay true to you. Respect yourself enough to be yourself and don’t try to be someone you are not. This world is a better place with genuine and real people like you.

4. Putting Your Own Needs on The Back Burner

It is very sad when you lose yourself in the process of meeting the needs of everyone else while forgetting that you are special too. Love others, help them, but love yourself and help yourself as well.  

5. Holding onto The Past

You can’t change your life and start anew if you don’t make peace with your past and stop worrying about it.

6. Trying to Buy Happiness

The things that can really satisfy us and fill us from the inside are totally free. Laughter, love, spending time with people we love… those are the things that matter more than expensive things.

7. Being Scared to Make A Mistake

Failing to do something is better and more productive than standing still and not doing anything. Every success is a product of many failures. In the end, you’ll are more likely to end up regretting the things you didn’t do than worry about the things that you’ve done.

8. Being Idle

Stop robbing yourself of happiness by thinking too much and creating problems where they are not. Instead, take the leap of faith and change the things you want to change in your life. Everything starts with taking action.

9. Getting in Relationships for The Wrong Reasons

It’s always better to be alone than be stuck in a bad relationship for the wrong reasons. Fall in love when you are ready. Don’t enter relationships just because you are lonely. There is no need for rushing things. You will meet your right person when you are meant to meet them.

10. Thinking You’re Not Ready

No one is ever 100 percent sure of themselves when an opportunity presents to them. That’s because we as humans have trouble going out of our comfort zones.

11. Trying to Compete with Others

Instead of competing with others, you should beat yourself and your own records every day. Concentrate on being a better person. Challenge yourself. No one is your competition but you.

12. Complaining and Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Life is both beautiful and hard. Don’t see the hardships in your life as something bad. Instead, try to learn something from them. They are there for a reason – to set you on the right path.

13. Holding Grudges

By holding grudges you’ll only hurt yourself. Let it go and find your peace in liberating yourself from any toxicity in your life.

14. Letting Others Bring You Down to Their Level

Don’t lower your standards to accommodate someone who doesn’t deserve to be in your life be because they don’t bother raising their level to be with you.

15. Overlooking the Beauty of Small Moments

The saying that little things matter the most is true. Enjoy the beauty of just smiling and be happy while noticing all the beauty that’s all around you.

16. Wasting Time Explaining Yourself to Others

Just do what you want to do and don’t feel the need to explain yourself to anyone.

17. Trying to Make Things Perfect

The reality is, at the end of the day the reward is in the hands of those who get the things done. So, stop trying to make everything perfect and do the work.

18. Acting Like Everything Is Okay When It’s Not

It is okay to be sad. It is okay to fall apart. You don’t have to pretend that everything is fine when it’s not. It’s human to show your vulnerability and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

19. Trying to Be Everything to Everyone

It is impossible. And if you try to be the best for everyone, you’ll exhaust yourself. Narrow down your focus and instead be there for those people that matter the most to you.

20. Being Ungrateful

Expressing gratitude is essential if you want to live your best life. Instead of focusing on the things you don’t have, shift your focus on the things you do have that are amazing already.

21. Overthinking

Overthinking doesn’t lead anywhere. Stop obsessing and worrying about things that you cannot change or haven’t even happened yet. Focus on the now and live your life on your terms.

Mary Wright