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8 Things You Should Thank Your Best Friends For


Your best friends are the reason behind all your laughs and happiness. They make your life worth living.

Having them is the best gift you can ever receive. They are the ones who know you inside and out and want the best for you. Undoubtedly, your best friends are the ones you can always count on when you want to have fun, but also when you need a crying shoulder and someone to share your sadness with.

Your best friends make your life easier. That’s why you need to let them know how much they mean to you. You need to make sure you always keep them in your life, and you certainly shouldn’t forget to thank them for the following 8 things:

1. “Thank you for accepting me for who I am.”

That’s right. Your best friends accept and love you for who you are. They know all your faults, quirks, whims, and fears. Yet, they never try to change you because they know these are a part of you and the reason for which they’ve chosen you to be their friend.

2. “Thank you for believing in me and always reminding me of my worth.”

Your best friends see the best in you, even at times when you can’t see it yourself. They’re always there to remind you how smart, strong, and capable you are. They motivate you to pursue your highest goals and wildest dreams, and they always encourage you to strive for more.

Your best friends celebrate your accomplishments and are proud of you. And even when you feel you’re week and doubt yourself, they’re always there to push you to where you want to go.

3. “Thank you for staying by my side and never letting me down.”

Your best friends always stay by your side when times get rough for you. They’re the ones you can always turn to when you’re down in the dumps, even when everyone leaves you. They unselfishly giving you their help and support when you need it the most.

They lift you up when you’re at your lowest. They’re your crying shoulder and greatest cheerleader. They always know what to say to cheer you up even when you don’t see any reason to smile. They give their best to help you overcome your fears and problems.

4. “Thank you for always being honest with me.”

It’s always better to be told the truth than to be lied. And your best friends know this. They always tell you the truth, no matter how harsh and painful  it is. They let you into their secrets.

You can always have confidence in them because they’re loyal to you and because they’d ever put themselves in a position in which they’d have to lie to you and break your trust in them. Additionally, they’re never reluctant to remind you of your bad sides. They point out your mistakes but never judge you for them.

5. “Thank you for always making time for me.”

They can have a busy, tough day and a plenty of work still to do, but, they always make time for you in their busy schedule. You’re important to them. They care about and respect your needs, feelings, and opinions and they’d never allow themselves to make you feel neglected and ignored by them.

Your best friends have their own family and partner as well as needs and problems to take care of, but they always see you as one of their greatest priorities.

6. “Thank you for inspiring me to become a better version of myself.”

Your best friends want the best for you. They challenge you to be better and think better. They  encourage you to acquire new experiences and grow both personally and professionally. They always believe in you and know that you can become a better version of yourself for yourself and for them.

7. “Thank you for forgiving me when I hurt you.

We all make mistakes. We hurt other people’s feelings unintentionally when we’re angry. And your best friends understand that. You can let them down and tell them things you don’t mean, but they never hold a grudge against you because they know you’d never hurt them on purpose.

8. “Thank you for loving me unconditionally and always being here for me.”

 Your best friends are the ones who truly love you and you should never doubt that. Their kindness and compassion for you is beyond limits. They’re always willing to help you make the right decisions and they always respect your choices. Your best friends make you feel blessed for having them in your life.

Riley Cooper