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21 Effective And Healthy Ways To Deal With The Stress In Your Life

Navigating Daily Life and Improving Your Mental Health

We live in a society where stress is an inevitable part of our lives.

However, the amount of stress you welcome in your life is something that depends only on you.  You might not control the stressors around you, but you sure as hell control your response to them.

So, the way I see it, all it takes to unwind and relax is a bit of will and a positive attitude towards life.

To anyone having trouble dealing with stress, I gladly recommend the following methods as a way of coping with excessive amounts stress in your life.

Not only will you relieve your body and mind from tension, but you’ll also embrace a healthier, a much more organized way of living.

1. Develop a regular, healthy sleeping routine. Go to bed earlier, try to maintain an 8-hour sleeping routine and get used to getting up earlier. Seize the day! You’ll feel much better.

2. Prepare your clothes and stuff the night before. That way you can stop worrying if you’re running late for work, an appointment, school, etc. Plus, you’ll be much more relaxed and ready to start your day.

3. Always go for comfort. Start buying and wearing comfortable clothes. Pick a nice, soothing fabric, length, and width. You can be comfy and still look beautiful in the things you wear.

4. Organize your world by making an agenda. Make a nice organized planner and start writing everything you want or need to do.

5. Don’t forget to check and update your agenda. No matter how busy you are, make sure to take some time off and check your daily activities. Use your planner as a reminder of things. And when you finally finish something, just put a checkmark next to it.

6. Set your priorities straight. Stop what you’re doing and think for a while. What are your priorities in life?

7. Start saying NO more often. Don’t be afraid to cancel a plan or reject a request when you don’t feel like it. You’ll see how relieved you’ll feel once you stop pleasing everyone.

8. Cut off every toxic relationship in your life. If there’s even anything left to be fixed, try, but if not, do yourself a favor and get out of that vicious cycle once and for all. Toxic people and toxic relationships are only holding you back when the only thing you should do is grow and move forward.

9. Manage your time more efficiently. Organize your time and focus on biggest priorities in your life. It is the only way you can achieve greatness.

10.Let go of the things you can’t control. Focus your attention and effort on the things you can actually change.

11. Search for an opportunity in every life challenge. Develop a more positive outlook on life. There’s always a brighter side in every situation. You just have to see it.

12. Read a new book. Something you’ve never heard before. Broaden your horizons.

13. Find something funny or interesting to watch. Whether it’s a comedy, drama or a cartoon, just go for it. Whatever floats your goat.

14. Talk to a close friend or family about your feelings. Don’t bottle up your emotions. It’s perfectly okay to ask for help.

15. Open up a journal. Start writing down everything you want. Whenever you don’t feel like sharing with a person, share it with your diary. It’ll instantly make you feel better.

16. Treat yourself to an evening of a nice, bubble bath. Add in some of the most relaxing essential oils and just lay in for a while. It might be just the thing you needed.

17. Cook yourself something nice and healthy. Maybe try out some new recipe and invite your girlfriends over for dinner.

18. Start exercising. At least 3 times a week. Try with anything you enjoy doing. Physical activities are essential for a healthy body and mind.

19. Find yourself a passion in life. Pursue a project you’ve wanted to work on your whole life. Let your imagination run wild. Unleash your creative side. Craft. Write. Paint. Sing. Dance. Take pictures. Create and never stop dreaming.

20. Take a huge break from social media. Log off, breath and reboot.

21 Let go of anything that weighs you down and just smile. The past is behind you, and the future is ahead of you. The only thing you can control is the NOW.

Image: maximilianmair

Stephanie Reeds


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