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8 Clear Signs Of Hypocrites And Their Favorite Target Audience


Hypocrites are people who always put the blame on others. They are cunning human beings that will manipulate you into doubting yourself and becoming extremely aware of your every word and action. They will make you the sole trespasser of everything that goes wrong thus deliberately dismissing themselves for all the things they are doing wrong.

First, they will use all their techniques to make you feel wrong, and then they’ll leave it at your conscience to do the rest for them. Empathetic people usually become their targets because their pure soul is always justifying everyone and putting the blame on themselves instead. This makes them vulnerable to absorb even more poison from the hypocrites.

Hypocrites live their life lying, conning, betraying, manipulating, and deceiving. They have an innate need to point out (or invent) other people’s littlest mistakes. They will accuse others as a means to excuse themselves for their wrongdoings.

This leaves their victims feeling insecure, bitter, inferior, and super self-conscious – like everything they say or do is wrong and they are being judged every time. They are always trying to prove their morals to an immoral person.

Here are 8 clear signs that you are dealing with a hypocrite.

1. They Want You To Do As They Say, Not As They Themselves Do

Their actions never match up their sweet charming words. They want their victim to possess the highest qualities and standards, and when it comes to them – the same standards and rules don’t apply. They will accuse you and give you the silent treatment if you go out with your friends, while they allow themselves to go out with their ex.

2. It Is Always, ALWAYS, Someone Else’s Fault

They are not guilty of lying, you are guilty of accusing them of lying. When you catch them in a lie, they will bring out your every past mistake and will make you believe that their lying is nothing in comparison to your mistakes.

3. They Don’t Abide By Any Rules

Hypocrites believe that they should not abide by any law because they are above everything. They have a sense of entitlement to do what they want to do without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

4. …And Anyone Who Tries To Tell Them Otherwise Should Be Punished

They will punish you for exposing their lies. Their punishment includes cheating, triangulation, and their favorite – the silent treatment. Because, how will you ever learn to not point out their lies and manipulations?

5. The Eternal Victim

You will hear stories from them how their ex cheated on them, how their friends lied to them, and how they learned to lie to protect themselves from their abusive parents. They will tell you they detest drama, yet they cause more drama than anyone else.

6. They Are Patronizing, Condescending, And Superior

With them, you’ll always feel like a little child being reprimanded by its mother. They will speak to you as if you are their intellectual inferior and an emotionally unstable person. They will laugh at your ideas and dismiss them instantly. They will call you crazy and overly-sensitive if you show them your feelings.

7. Lies, Lies, Lies! (And Even More Excuses)

Hypocrites have an excuse for every lie they tell. Lying is even exciting to them. And instead of apologizing when someone discovers their lies, they will enjoy telling you a million stories to justify their lies. This gives them a thrill and a great escape from their (boring) lives.

8. They Preach, But They Never Practice Their Preaches

They are all words, no action. Their charming nature will make you trust their words and their vows that they will change. However, they never do.

That said, on the other side of the spectrum there are the people who are hypocrites’ most common targets:

People who prefer actions over words. Quiet, humble, and healthy people who don’t boast about the good things they did and their accomplishments. Their actions always speak louder than their words.

People who always blame themselves for everything. Highly ethical people, they follow the rules and they feel awful after criticizing someone. They always think that everything is their fault, so they are often feeling bad and self-doubting themselves.

Compassionate, gentle, and caring people. People who never see themselves as victims no matter how much they’ve been harmed. People who always apologize because they don’t want to see anyone hurt. They care more about other people than for themselves. This makes them the perfect target for hypocrites.

When you combine these 2 personalities, you’ll get the recipe for disaster. So, save yourself and look out for these warning signs. If you notice them in a person, walk away from them as fast as you can.

Have you noticed these signs in a person? Do you have other examples of how hypocrites behave? Please, share your story with us.  

Mary Wright


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