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13 Signs That You Are A Passionate Overachiever Trapped In The Body Of A Lazy Person


Do you know what is like to have a loud, creative and a brainstorming mind that is always up to something and a permanently exhausted, lazy body that only wants to relax?

I know it sounds impossible and contradictive, but these people are real. There is a very special breed of human beings out there that somehow possess a strange combination of traits. They are a bit of both worlds. But, even though they are a walking contradiction to some, they manage to handle life quite well.

If you were wondering whether you are one of them, below are 13 traits of every passionate overachiever who is trapped in the body of a lazy person:

1. One day you are going out of your mind trying to schedule all of your tasks and do everything at once, and then the next day you are completely isolated from the world. You are either a workaholic freak who likes to challenge themselves or the most unproductive couch potato the world has ever seen. There is no in-between with you. You like to live your life in extremes.

2. But, even though it looks like you are sliding up and down on your productivity scale, your lifestyle is actually very balanced. What others perceive as an extreme, to you it’s just a usual everyday experience.

3. You are constantly at war with your own self. The reason for this is the fact that you are terribly indecisive when it comes to choosing between the best way and the easiest way. You always feel like you are caught between wanting to work more in order to make everything perfect and accepting the fact that you desperately need rest.

4. You have huge ambitions and big dreams, but your energy levels are not always high enough to execute those plans. As a result, you tend to think more efficiently. Easier, simpler and faster ways are better than doing nothing. Plus, they work like magic.

5. You don’t believe in destiny or the theory that in the end, things will end up the way they should. The truth is, you couldn’t care less about what’s predestined in the starts because you simply don’t believe in that. You’ve always lived your life knowing that you are the only creator of your future.

6. You were a fine, average student, who eventually evolved into an incredibly talented and intelligent adult. The thing about you is, you don’t have time to spend your energy on things that do not serve you or interest you. When you really want to learn something, you take that matter into your own hands.

7. You are either overdressed or you haven’t changed your greasy sweatpants for a week. When you are in the mood for experimenting and putting your energy into creating a new, trendy and chic outfit for the day, you are fashionable and stylish. In the meantime, you enjoy the comfort of your comfy leggings and your oversized hoodies.

8. You are not the dating kind of a person. With you, it’s either all or nothing. When it comes to love, you believe in commitment and devotion. That is why you don’t waste your time chatting online or having blind dates. Because when you decide to put all of your time and energy into something, it has to be the real thing, otherwise, it is pointless.

9. Funny thing. You are someone who really wants to be loved. Yet, you only have one close friend that you can really rely on. Quality over quantity, always and forever.

10. You enjoy making long to-do lists, but then you never actually tick off all of the things that you were planning to accomplish. Most of the times you only finish 2/4 of the list before you give up and leave the rest for tomorrow.

11. You are in love with minimalism, yet you somehow lack the discipline to follow that concept and focus your workflow in that direction. You start simple, but in the end, you always end up more tangled and complicated than ever.

12. You have one important motto in your life and that is – What you love doing should never make you feel like you are working hard. That is actually your biggest secret behind your achievements. You are 100% percent focused on following your goals and fulfilling your wildest dreams that you have no time or energy to do something else.

13. Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing – being happy with who you are and where you are in life. So, if that means working hard on Monday so you can spend your whole Tuesday resting, then so be it.

Stephanie Reeds