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This Is Why I No Longer Care About Fitting In


I used to worry about fitting in, but I don’t anymore. I used to worry about other people’s opinions of me. I used to worry whether others would accept me and want me around.

Yes, I was very insecure. I was so insecure that whenever I had to meet someone for the first time, I always had that awful feeling that they’d think I was weird. That they would run away from me as soon as they got to know me.

If you’re someone who has never had to deal with self-esteem issues, then this probably seems weird to you. But, not to me. To me, it was a struggle I had to go through every single day 10 years ago.

Fortunately, I’m not that person anymore. I’m no longer insecure and shy.

I’ve changed. I’ve grown.

I’m no longer the person that used to worry about being accepted. The person that always tried to fit in and make others like me. The person that wanted to feel acknowledged.

I’m no longer the person that was afraid to start a conversation or go on a date with someone.

Because I’ve learned a lot since then.

I’ve learned how to enjoy my own company.

I’ve started believing in my qualities and strength.

I’ve realized that the only person my happiness depends on is myself.

I’ve learned that other people’s opinions of me don’t and can’t define my worth.

I’ve changed into a confident, strong, and wise person.

Now I’m aware of my worth.

Now I feel comfortable in my own skin and I’m satisfied with who I am.

Now I don’t care about fitting in.


Because I believe in and love myself. Because I know how to respect and appreciate myself. Because I know that if someone truly loves me and cares about me, they’ll accept me just the way I am.  

Riley Cooper