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17 Signs You Are With A Genuine Man Who Truly Worships You

he worships me

1. It makes him happy and proud to see you expressing strongly your opinion and defending it, whether you are talking with friends at dinner or people you’ve just met. You may see him gladly smiling at you as you get so passionate with your words and gestures to prove your point.

2. Every time he introduces you to friends, family members, or acquaintances of his, you can’t help yourself but blush and smile because he always says the nicest things about you and presents you in the best light.

he worships me

3. He enjoys learning new things from you and listens to you with eagerness when you talk to him on subjects about which you know more. Likewise, he loves to share his knowledge on things he is an expert but without being pompous.

4. He motivates you and sometimes even pushes you outside of your comfort zone because he wants you to fulfill all your dreams.

5. He thinks it’s cute when you mess something up or struggle a little bit to get something done. For him, it’s not a sign of weakness.

6. He is as interested in your orgasms as he is about his. His focus is always on your pleasure first.

7. He tends to get a little jealous when you mention some other guy that you respect and talk with him often. And it’s not because he doesn’t have faith in you, but because he knows your worth and he is scared to lose you.

8. He almost always talks in superlatives when giving you compliments. For him, you are “the smartest, the sexiest, and the most beautiful and amazing woman” in the world.

9. He prefers to do mundane and “boring” things with you, like throwing out the garbage or grocery shopping than letting you do them alone.

10. He wants to hear your opinion on everything – career change, politics, weather, wardrobe choices, movies, books, some celebrity rumor and so on.

11. He lets phrases like “you are my everything”, “you are my world”, “I am so lucky to have you in my life” slip from his tongue every now and then.

12. He posts silly pictures of you two on his social media and adds hashtags like #forever, #mylove, or #myeverything.

13. He sends you photos and articles he knows you would enjoy, something that he was never reading or paying attention to before you entered his life.

14. He is your biggest cheerleader and your number one fan.

15. If you say something offensive in the heat of a moment, he lets it slip by and doesn’t change his opinion of you because he knows the real you and he also knows that everyone can say something stupid in the midst of an argument.

16. If ever he hurts you in some way, he will take your pain seriously and sincerely apologize to you and then he will make sure to be more careful when it comes to your feelings.

17. He goes out of his way to spend more time with you because he is the happiest when he is with you.

Mary Wright