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Mom Bribes Her Baby With Food To Say “MAMA”. The Dog Says “MAMA” First.


We all know how babies and dogs can be so cute and adorable and bring us so much happiness and joy into our lives.

The proof is this video of the mom Andrea from Utah. She tried to bribe her baby with food just to hear her nine-month-old boy Sam utter the word ‘MAMA.’

However, what she least expected was to hear it from their adorable dog Patch! When Patch heard her, he immediately howled ‘MAMA’ a few times.

Moreover, Patch’s eyes were locked on the food that was in Andrea’s hands as if he wanted to claim his prize.

The video becomes even funnier when the baby Sam realized that the dog has become the center of attention.

This absolutely hilarious and sweet video is the most beautiful thing we have seen today!

Mary Wright

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Mary Wright