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12 Undeniable Signs You’re Living Life As A Happy Single


Have you ever felt ashamed and uncomfortable just because you were single?  

Relax, it happened to all of us. But, if at some point in life, someone dared to shame you and make you feel less because you chose to devote your life to self-growth and self-love, it’s time to tell those narrow-minded people what’s what.

Singlehood can be an incredibly enlightening and soul-searching experience. It can open doors that were once locked and sealed for you, it can provide you with possibilities you never knew existed. That is if you are certain that’s exactly what you want from life.

Here are 12 pointers that show you’re indeed happy and satisfied as a single:

1. You enjoy your single life. And when I mean you enjoy it, I mean you cherish every moment of it. The rest of the world might think you’re lonely, but the reality says different – You are a whole. And you are more than enough.

2. Loneliness isn’t an issue for you. Spending your time on your own doesn’t scare you, it’s something you genuinely appreciate.

3. You don’t care what society’s idea of life is. Maybe you don’t want a relationship. Maybe you don’t need someone to hold your hand. Maybe you want to find yourself. Maybe you’re waiting for the right one. Maybe your friends are your soulmate. Life is entirely up to you.

4. You enjoy engaging in your hobbies and facing the challenges on your own. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to isolate yourself from people, it just means that this is everything you need right now.

5. You believe in yourself to have the skills, knowledge and the ability to do everything you need on your own. Even if you don’t have the needed skills, you’re certain of your ability to quickly develop them and take the lead.

6. You don’t feel miserable or scared that you are on your own when it comes to making big, life-changing decisions. It’s not tragic that you don’t have someone beside you to carry your fear and show you the path, because you know how to do it yourself. You have the final say – and that’s all that matters.

7. Modern dating is not something you personally enjoy. To be frank, it kinda sickens you.

8. You have your whole life to pursue your biggest dreams. You have all the time in the world to dive into the endless ocean of opportunities and challenge the odds. Whether it’s sports, crafts, arts, intellectual pursuits, developing new skills, learning a new language – You make it all a part of your life. Because nothing can stop you.

9. Your biggest dream is to work the thing you love. You are not interested in money, fame or wealth. The only thing that drives you and helps you reach success is passion. Anything else is only temporary.

10. Still, when someone you love is about to get married, you are happy for them. Choosing a different path in life doesn’t mean that you disapprove of what others are doing. Seeing your best friend getting married doesn’t make you green with envy, on the contrary, it makes you happy beyond words. You already have everything you want.

11. You couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions. You are perfectly aware how others see you. You know what they’re wondering. “Oh, what’s wrong with this man/woman?” But, you’re 100% certain that you’re doing the right thing. You know that because it just feels right.

12. You are living an authentic, fulfilling and incredible life. A life that you’re proud of. A life that you created for yourself. An oasis of endless joy and happiness. Others might not be able to get their heads around the idea of it, but it doesn’t really matter.

You are a single who is enjoying life on their own.

Cheers to your awesomeness!

Image source: Víctor Candia

Stephanie Reeds