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11 Signs That Clearly Show You Have Gained The Self-Respect You Always Wanted


For many researchers, self-respect is the basis of one’s rationality, independence, self-control, and tenacity. A person that has gained self-respect emits that to the surrounding environment, close acquaintances and coworkers.

It’s an aura that has its charms on the ways how a person can prosper and progress in life. But, what are the actual signs that show we have a high level of self-respect and autonomy? (1)

1. Making time for yourself

You know that you are a grown and mature person when you know how to prioritize your own needs. You know that you are the only person that you can count on, so you give yourself the “me time.” It can be a short walk to the nearest park or even a vacation to an exotic destination on your own. Whatever it is, it works and you love it.

2. Accepting your past

This is not easy, especially for people that suffered from childhood trauma or any kind of trauma for that matter. But once you accept the troubles you’ve been exposed to, you become unbreakable steel. No harsh comment or similar situation can break you. You had your rough moments and learned the lessons that can guide you through life.

3. Ghosting out

A lot of people will get triggered by this, but it’s very effective to ghost out on people that clearly showed disrespect towards you or your life decisions. So, if you started doing that it means that your self-respect is hitting the highest point. And then again, we all had that judgmental aunt Mary and yes, we do ghost out on her.

4. Not explaining yourself to other people

This is very important. If you stopped giving explanations to unconcerned people about your life decisions and plans for the future, it means that you cherish your own persona. You are mature enough to deal with your own failures and make tough decisions. Keep up with the good work!

5. Doing whatever you feel like you should be doing

Okay, so you are not the schoolboy you used to be. You are not taking orders from people who are not in a position to give them. It’s not like you are disrespecting anyone, it just means that you know who you are and what you want. And that is a definition for success. (2)

6. You are not accepting apologies

It goes like this. You had enough life experience to know which person is honest and which wicked. So, you’ve stopped wasting your energy on the wicked ones. You are intelligent enough to know that not every apology comes from the heart, so you made the simple decision of ignoring someone. And that’s good. We all know some people will never change.

7. Avoiding people

Oh yeah, you don’t really care about someone giving you labels about being antisocial. You know which people have the privilege to stay in your life and which are better to avoid. You are not wasting your time and energy on toxic friendships.

8. Stopped blaming others

You fully accept your failures and know that they are an essential part of growing up. So, you use the same technique with people as well. You don’t blame others on your current mood. (3)

9. Unleashing your creative power

You found your hobby that truly empowers you. Doesn’t matter if it is the abstract art that always fascinated you, so you decided to try it yourself. Or maybe, that particular music genre that you always loved. Decided to do some rapping? It’s not childish to embrace those interests, and you know that better than anyone else.

10. It does not bother you if someone likes you or not

Those days of conformism and reinventing yourself are long gone. You know who you are and you accept yourself. You are not overwhelmed if someone dislikes you or is being mean to you. You truly understand the complexity of human behavior

11. Staying true to yourself

Gossiping and rumors do not really bother you. You know your own value and do not really bother with that. People can and will have opinions, but you are not willing to let anyone sabotage your plans. Also, if someone tries to do that, you know that the most reasonable decision is to cut that person out of your life. The road to the top takes a lot of sacrifices. (4)

David Smith