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12 Telltale Signs That You’re Going Through A Spiritual Awakening


A spiritual awakening is one of the most beautiful and blessed experiences that you could ever have. When it happens, the part of your mind that feels frightened and apprehensive transforms. It transcends into a higher form of enlightenment and consciousness.

Many people experience this without understanding what’s happing to them. All they know is that they feel different than usual. In fact, this could be happening to you right now without your knowledge. Watch for these 12 telltale signs that you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

1. Feeling Fully Present

Up until now, you’d been feeling pretty out of it most of the time. At random moments you’d be hit with a sudden feeling of disassociation and were left running on autopilot. Now, however, that feeling is gone, and you feel completely present in the moment.

2. Forgetting the Fear of Death

Although it’s a simple fact of life, most of us don’t like to think about our mortality. It scares us and can sometimes even make us angry or distressed. Recently, however, your fear has either decreased or disappeared entirely. Instead of being terrified, you now feel at peace.

3. Forgetting Labels

Our society loves to label people. We like to put ourselves and others into neat little boxes so that we can better identify everyone. Despite that, you’ve realized that you can’t define yourself with just a label. You simply are who you are.

4. Heightened Sense of Morality

The idea of what’s right and what’s wrong is sometimes up for debate, except for a few obvious examples. Many of us are guilty of blurring the lines between these things and doing things that we know are bad. However, you’ve started to realize just how important it is for you to do what you think is right.

5. Stronger Engagement

There’s no more daydreaming, procrastinating, or not paying attention. Although before you may have been guilty of those things, you’ve changed your tune. You’re completely engaged with everything that you do and with everyone that you interact with.

6. Curiosity

You no longer want to just accept things at face value. Instead, you want to investigate, dig deeper, and strive to learn more about everything. Your newfound curiosity is even helping you to educate yourself more and learn more about yourself too.

7. Increased Empathy

Sure, you’ve always felt bad when someone was going through a rough time, but never as strongly as you do now. It’s as if you’re now able to feel exactly what other people are feeling. Along with that, you’ve even inherited some amazing empathic abilities.

8. Sense of Wellbeing

There’s a lot of new things going on with you right now. You’d think that they would make you feel on edge. However, the opposite is true. In spite of it all, you feel safe, happy, and completely at peace.

9. Feeling Quiet from Within

Most of us have a million thoughts running around in our heads at any given moment. Thankfully, those thoughts have been a lot quieter recently. As well as that, you even have moments where everything just falls completely silent.

10. Gaining the Ability to Just Be

You don’t need distractions or entertainment at all times anymore. No matter where you are, you have the amazing ability to just be content as you are. Although external stimulations are still enjoyable, you’re happy without them too.

11. Stronger Intuition

Your gut feelings are stronger than ever and always steering you in the right direction. It really seems as if you know things before they happen too. Likewise, you’re better at knowing who you can and can’t trust.

12. Feeling Alive

You no longer go about your day without really paying attention or feeling much. Now, you feel completely alive and full of energy. Life is precious, and you’ve learned to fully appreciate it.

This is one of the most important phases that you will ever go through in your life. Embrace all your newfound abilities and ways of thinking. In spite of how strange this all feels, let go of any fear, anger, or sadness, and let the positivity of this new enlightenment wash over you.

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Eva Jackson