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8 Weird Abilities That Only Authentic Empaths Have


Empaths are the most sensitive people on our earth. They can easily tell when someone is distressed, lonely, anxious, or even happy. This ability makes them extremely caring and understanding. They often strive to make the world a more positive place for its inhabitants.

Authentic empaths possess some strange behaviors that can be both positive and negative for their mental wellbeing. Below you can read the 8 weird abilities that only authentic empaths have so that you can have a greater understanding of these amazing people.

1. They Feed Off of Other People’s Emotions

Empaths have the natural ability to feel and understand other people’s emotions. As well as understanding them, however, they also absorb them and let these emotions become their own. This can be extremely difficult for them when picking up on the sadness, grief, or anger of others.

2. They’re Naturally Intuitive

These people are ruled by their intuition. They are almost always able to understand the true intent behind someone else’s actions, even if it isn’t obvious to the other people who are around.

3. Lies Don’t Fool Them

Although they may not always tell you so, empaths will never fall for your lies. They immediately know when someone is being dishonest with them or with someone else.

4. They Put Other People Before Themselves

Authentic empaths are deeply compassionate souls. Creating joy for other people in the world is their only true desire. They will do everything that they can to make sure that other people in their lives feel safe, content, and comfortable, even if it means risking their own happiness. Often, they will neglect their own needs to look after someone else’s.

5. They Can Feel the Physical Symptoms of Others

Emotions aren’t the only thing that authentic empaths can easily absorb as their own. They quite often feel the physical symptoms of the people around them. Be it pain, discomfort, or sickness, they will quickly pick up on it and manifest it onto themselves. This power is normally more of a curse than a blessing for them.

6. Disturbing Images Overwhelm Them

Seeing distressing or violent images can be too much for empaths to handle. An upsetting picture or video will often leave them in despair as they are unable to cope with the intense negative emotions that are attached to them.

7. They Are Easily Emotionally Drained

Authentic empaths spend much of their time in the throes of intense mental and physical battles. It’s understandable that all of this will leave them feeling drained and emotionally exhausted.

8. Being Alone Rejuvenates Them

Even though they enjoy being around others, empaths will often need time to be alone. This gives them a chance to get away from the intense feelings of their friends or family and simply be alone with their own emotions.

If you possess any of the abilities listed above, you may be an empath. As a kind, emotionally-sensitive person, you have the wonderful ability to deeply understand and heal others.

Although you’re likely to spend most of your time helping other people, try to spend some time looking after yourself as well.

Share this article with any empaths that you know and find out if they agree with this list.

Eva Jackson