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12 Signs He Is Using You And You Are Not Even Aware Of It


Being with someone you learned to love can be a curse as much as it can be a blessing. When a woman is in love, she will give out all her emotions for the person she loves. She will be ready to go to any lengths to make her man happy.

And when this is reciprocated, it’s all beautiful. However, love is blind, and it can make blind fools out of us all. In many cases, women end up being used in every aspect of the relationship.

Sometimes men are ready to be with a woman not because they are in love, but because they are getting something out of that relationship. How will you know if your man is using you? Here are 12 red flags you have to be cautious of.

1. He won’t talk about commitment

And why would he if he doesn’t want to see a future with you? Perhaps he sees you as being ‘expendable,’ and when you get too pushy, he will start measuring out gains vs losses.

2. He won’t act like he’s in love

You won’t see a lot of displays of affection because that has to come from the heart. In his case, his heart belongs only to him, so don’t be surprised – it just doesn’t come to him naturally.

3. He won’t take you out for a date

If he learned that you settle for less, don’t expect that he will do more when you start wanting more. Dates are out of the question. In the end, what does he gain from that?

4. He won’t introduce you to his friends or family

He doesn’t put so much respect in the relationship to bother and combine it with his ‘regulars.’ It’s just that he doesn’t have any big plans for the two of you, and if you are happy with this, he’s even happier.

5. He won’t consider your feelings

It won’t be the first time he does something that hurts you and he couldn’t care less. Your feelings are yours. Why should he take any of that on his shoulders? He’s not in for that.

6. He’s selfish in the bedroom

Pleasure is when you feel pleased. In his case, he doesn’t care so much about you, so any pleasure he is supposed to provide to you won’t make him feel pleased. And when you are afraid of losing him and he knows it, why should he bother with your pleasures?

7. He won’t open up to you

And he won’t let you in. He acts like he has a separate life in which you are not involved, and this life is a secret place for you. Plans? Hopes? Interests? None of your business.

8. He’s inconsistent

He’ll act accordingly to achieve a result, so he will look as if he’s being inconsistent all the time. He’s hot and cold because he knows that this achieves a better effect of keeping you on your toes.

9. He treats you like you’re his babysitter

He wants to be entertained, and you put on the clown hat; he wants to eat, and you put on your chef’s hat. He likes having you around to be his nanny, and he knows that you’ll do it without question.

10. He’ll only call you when he needs something

The calls are short and concise, always involving some kind of request. Well of course, what good is he getting out of wasting time talking to you about the two of you?

11. He needs your money

You’re great when you help him out to pay off a debt or buy a new gadget. He’ll shower you with affection when he’s penniless and he’ll be the first one to leave when you are penniless.

12. He’s seeing other girls

Did he cheat on you? How many times have you found out so far? He’s not in for the love, he’s there for the fun, for a personal gain, for some money, or just for someone he can take out his frustrations on. It doesn’t hurt him when he is cheating, so why not do it?

Watch out and don’t allow to be part of such relationship! You’re not getting anywhere with this kind of guy, and you should NEVER provide him the pleasure of getting something out of you.

Mary Wright


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