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12 Signs That You Have A True Gentleman Beside You


Chivalry is slowly fading away and I am losing my mind. You have to admit it, nowadays it is very rare to come across a man with manners. It almost seems like is going out of style. For some reason, women are turned on by bad boys, guys who love playing the “catch me if you can” game and they are appalled by guys who give their best to make a right impression.

However, even though these gentle, respectful and considerate men are facing extinction, there are a few of them left that are willing to defend their values. I was lucky to meet one of these men and fall in love with him. It took him a lot of time to find his way to me, but he is finally here and I couldn’t be happier.

One thing I learned is that we are not quite used to that kind of behavior. And it is all society’s fault. It’s society’s fault for making us believe that being nice to someone is tightly associated with flirting. It’s society’s fault for making us lower our standards and accept whatever just so we don’t end up alone.

Well, I’ve had it. Gentlemen exist and these are 12 amazing characteristics that they possess:

1. They always tell the truth. Gentlemen are honest and straightforward individuals. They don’t like to get their hands dirty with lies. Whatever they feel, they will let you know. Whatever they know, they will make sure you understand as well. Their values and their whole life is governed by the truth.

2. They like to stand up for other people. Whenever someone is going through a certain difficulty, they don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. Because true gentlemen are not only kind and honesty, but also brave and righteous. 

3. They keep their intimacy secret. In a nutshell, they keep their sexual life between themselves and their partner. No one else besides them should know what they do beneath the sheets. A true gentleman respects himself and respects the woman he is with.

4. They are men of their words. This can be seen in the smallest things that they do. They don’t need to tell you that they always keep their promises. They show that every single day. Because when a true gentleman promises something, he does everything in his power to fulfill the promise.

5. They don’t eat before everything is nicely served. Because it is all a part of their manners. To some, it may sound like a small trivial thing, but to them, it’s one of the most important parts of their personality that show who they really are.

6. They pay attention to those small details that make life more meaningful. Whether it’s your new hairstyle that you desperately wanted everyone to notice or the song that you love so much, gentlemen are always very careful when it comes to details. They care and they want you to know that.

7. They are never late. They respect the concept of time. Because they know how important is to be considerate of other people’s obligations. Gentlemen are simply mature and organized human beings. They want to stick to the plans that they make because that is the best way for them to function.

8. They always offer to help. They quickly identify the needs of others and wants to help them. Whether it’s their seat, their jacket or their shoulder for crying, they are more than pleased to be there for someone else. It makes them feel fine and it strengthens their relationships.

9. They usually reach for the check. When a gentleman wants to take you out, he loves to be the one who is paying. However, that does not mean that he won’t respect you if you want to split the bill.

10. They want to hold the door for their lady. Gentlemen have manners and they love to show them around. That’s just the way they’ve been raised. They are patient and they are very careful when dealing with other people. Especially with someone they truly like.

11. They are grateful for everything that life gives them. Gentlemen are polite and respectful people who are know how to show gratitude for the things that they have, therefore they don’t mind saying “thank you” and “please”.

12. They are kind to every human being. A gentleman would never ever treat another person rude or disrespectful. Not even if that person is treating them bad. Because a true gentleman would never let someone turn them into a vengeful and bitter human being. They would never allow themselves to fall in such a trap and lose their mind over something such trivial.

Stephanie Reeds