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This Is How It Feels To Love A Woman Who Is Struggling With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


She is hard to love. She is moody. At times, even depressed. She is afraid. Unable to answer the questions that her heart constantly asks. She feels like an outcast. Someone who is not powerful enough to create life on this earth and make her existence worthwhile. She bears a great pain inside of her. Both physical and emotional pain. A pain that prevents her from living the life that she deserves.

She is lost in her own world of disappointments and she needs someone to get her out of this nightmare.

Someone who is brave enough to accept her just the way she is and love her in spite of her flaws. Someone who is strong enough to pick her pieces and glue them up together when she is too weak to do it herself. Someone who does not mind spending the rest of his life with only her by his side. Someone who understands that the struggle with her health is not something that she could get it over with when she wants. Someone who realizes that her fight with her flawed feminine nature might be an everlasting battle.

Her mind is constantly doubting everything. She is terrified of losing you because of her bodily dysfunctions. She is scared of accepting her faith. She is terrified of the fact that she might never ever conceive. She wants to love you back but deep down she is too afraid to accept that in the end; she might end up all alone. She wants to convince herself that it will all be well, but at the same time, she does not want to give herself false hope. She wants to be able to raise children of her own one day, but the thought of dying all alone is making her feel more helpless.

You see, it is hard to prove this woman that you will be by her side until eternity because she is afraid of her future. Her condition is something that every woman fears the most. The most terrible nightmare. Her heart is fragile and too desperate to believe that someone will say yes to spending their life beside her. Her thoughts are destroying what’s left of her and even though she seems like she doesn’t need anyone, she needs you.

So, I honestly hope you stay beside her. I hope you accompany her on the field and help her win the fight. I hope you support her every step of the way and let her know that she is perfect just the way she is. I hope you are the one who emotionally heals her. I hope you see a future in her eyes. And I hope you don’t pressure her about her condition because PCOS is one of the ugliest conditions women often deal with.

Loving a woman who is struggling with a polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may be the most difficult and challenging thing you will ever have to do in your life, but if you care about her, you will bear with her. You will let her know that there is still hope. And even if there isn’t, you will make sure to convince her that her life is not over.

Just whatever you do, try to remind her that her anxiety, her struggle and her un(ability) to bear children of her own does not determine her whole life. Whatever you do, make sure to remind her that it is up to her to decide which road she will choose.

Stephanie Reeds