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12 Signs That You Are An INFJ, The Rarest Personality Type


The Myer-Briggs personality spectrum characterizes people into 16 different personality types. Every single one of them is different from one another and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Along with that, some of them are extremely common, whereas others are very hard to find.

One of the least common of them all is the INFJ, which accounts for only 2% of the population. If you think that you might be one of them, here are 12 signs that you are an INFJ, the rarest personality type.

1. You’re an Introvert, But People Don’t See It

There’s no denying it, you are a true introvert, However, the people around you don’t see it that way. Since you have the ability to blend in with any social setting, most of the people around you see you as an extrovert.

2. You Keep A Small Circle

Friendship is important to you, but not just any friendship. You’re extremely selective about who you keep around you. Because of that, you have a small circle of some really close friends.


3. You Have a Way With Words

People with this personality type are good with languages as well as with creative activities. This can manifest itself in ways such as being a good public speaker, being able to learn many different foreign languages, or being talented at writing.

4. You Seek Truth

The world is full of lies, deceit, and betrayal, but you will not allow yourself to get caught up in all of that. In any situation, you always look for the truth behind it, even if no one else does.

5. You’re Insightful

INFJs judge the world and the people in it by the way that it makes them feel. You look for the heart of any situation and always trust your gut feeling.

6. You’re a Deep Thinker

Instead of just taking everything at face value, you’d rather look for a deeper meaning behind everything. Along with that, you like to reflect on the world, on situations, and on who you are as a person.

7. You Want to Fix People

Although it’s not always in your best interests, you tend to gravitate towards broken people. It’s simply in your nature to want to heal and fix them.

8. You Can’t Stand Small Talk

Talking about the weather or other things of little importance doesn’t interest you one bit. Instead, you prefer to speak about things that have a much deeper meaning and engage in real conversation.

9. You Look for Lifelong Relationships

Flings and one-night stands just aren’t for you. What you really long for is a deep, meaningful relationship that you know is going to last. Unless it’s true love, it’s not worth your time.

10. You Make Others Feel Comfortable

Although you do tend to keep to yourself a lot of the time, you’re great with other people. You exude warmth and compassionate energy that entices people and makes them feel at home with you.

11. You’re Empathic

It’s not just that you feel sorry for people who are hurting, you can genuinely feel their pain. Along with that, you have the amazing ability to understand and heal them as well.

12. You’re a People-Pleaser

Even if it’s obvious that you can’t please the person in front of you, you’ll still try because you just can’t help yourself. You’re a people-pleaser to a fault and want nothing more to make others happy and to make them like you too.

People with this personality type are renowned for being mysterious, alluring, intuitive, and highly emotionally intelligent. They favor introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging. If you do have this kind of personality, then you’re blessed to be one of very few people who do.

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Eva Jackson