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12 Old-School Dating Traditions That We Need To Bring Back


All the old movies make dating look so magical. Two people would get together nervously for dinner or a movie, or sometimes both. They would try so hard to make sure that the other person was having a good time. It was awkward and scary, but wonderful and completely adorable.

These days, dating has become drastically different. Maybe we’ve all settled for less or maybe times have just changed. Whatever the reason, there are some habits that we should keep. Here are 12 old-school dating traditions that we need to bring back.

1. Directly Asking Someone on a Date

Stop texting someone to ask if they want to “hang out” and expect them to decipher what you mean. Put down the phone, speak to them in person, and ask them out on a real date.

2. Picking Up Your Date At The Door

It may be more convenient to text your date when you’re waiting for them, but it’s very impersonal. Make the effort to go to their front door, knock, and walk together to wherever you’re going. They’ll definitely appreciate the gesture.

3. Walking Them Home Again

If you’re already picking them up, you might as well drop them home again. Walking them back to their place is not only really sweet, but it also gives you more time to talk together.

4. Kissing Them at the Doorstep

Speaking of bringing them home, let’s start kissing our dates at their doorstep after the first date again. It’s a classic move that adds anticipation to the whole night. As well as that, it’s far more romantic than making out in your car afterward.

5. Bringing Flowers on The First Date

Generations before us believed that it was never okay to show up empty-handed. Bring your date a small gift when you pick them up. Everyone loves flowers, so they’re the safest, and most old-school, gift to bring.

6. Ignoring Your Phone

Do not, under any circumstances, sit on your phone during a date. It’s rude, annoying, and completely defeats the purpose of going out with someone in the first place. Your date will either end up bored or will feel like you didn’t care enough about them to give them your full attention.

7. Making an Effort with Your Appearance

You may wear sweatpants every day, and that’s fine, but dates are a time to make a little extra effort. You don’t need to be in a fancy suit or a dress and heels. Just make sure that your clothes are presentable, clean, and don’t look like you just slept in them.

8. Cute Gifts

Remember mix tapes? They were the sincerest present that you could ever give someone that you’re dating. If they’re not your thing, you could also write them a poem, a song, or even make them something. It may seem cheesy, but that’s how dating should be.

9. Giving Your Date Your Jacket

Your date tells you that they’re cold and you reply with “you should have brought a jacket”. Do not do that! They want you to offer them your jacket, so just do it. It shows them that you care as well as being a very innocently intimate gesture.

10. Calling the Other Person to Chat – Not Texting!

Speaking on the phone might be outdated, but there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your date from the night before calling you. It gives you both a chance to talk and see if you’d like to go on another date soon.

11. Not expecting Sex. Ever.

Back in the day, sex wasn’t something that was ever expected on a date. It didn’t matter if it was the first, third, or tenth time that you went out together. It would only happen when both people were comfortable and ready, and no one would try to put a timeframe on it.

12. Talking About Where You are in The Relationship

These awkward conversations with the person that you’re dating aren’t all that fun to have, but honestly, they’re very cute. They also make sure that both people know where they always stand with the other.

Although we do have to move on and change as a society, there are some things that we should keep, at least for now. Old-fashioned dating is so much sincerer and more intimate than how we do it now. Bringing back some of these classic traditions will help us keep real romance alive.

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Eva Jackson