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12 Characteristics Strong Women Possess But Never Really Talk About


Strong women are often labeled as assertive, arrogant and overconfident. Most people think that they are just bossy and loud people who always do everything to get what they want, even if it requires walking all over other people to get to their visualized goal.

But that is far from the truth. The thing is, this society encourages so many hurtful stereotypes that it is sometimes really hard to make a difference between what’s true and what is false.

What’s important here is the fact that strong women are much more complex individuals than we all think. While they may come off as cocky or very demanding, deep down these women are sensitive and loving human beings.

Here are some of the best characteristics strong women possess but rarely talk about:

1. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves and defend what they believe in. Whether it’s their opinions, actions, values or words, they don’t feel the need to seek validation from others. They say what they mean, and they deal with the consequences later.

2. They are real feminists. Or better yet…They are fighters for equal human rights. Something that this society and this world lacks. Something that it is necessary if we want to live in peace.

3. They love being single, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t open to the possibility of falling in love. Being alone is completely fine for these women. They don’t need a man to feel fulfilled and happy. However, that does not mean that they don’t believe in love.  Strong women are open to the possibility of love without having any expectation.

4. They are always one step ahead of everyone because they are well-calculated and organized. They have been through many experiences in life to finally realize that the first step to success is a good and effective plan. That is why these women spend a lot of time making strategies and planning their journeys.

5. They have a few close friends. Strong women like to be surrounded by people they believe in. That is why they prefer to have a smaller circle of friends. It’s not the quantity but the quality of their friendships that make them feel happier and safer in this world.

6. They are kind and accepting human beings. They don’t judge people based on their appearance. They have an equal amount of love and respect for every human being.

7. They radiate strength and determination. You cannot do anything to stop them from achieving something once they’ve made up their minds. Strong women are the epitome of fearlessness and hard work. They visualize and conquer.

8. They love making the first move. Strong women are not afraid to be the one who makes the initial step when it comes to love and relationships. They do not believe in those old-fashioned values that propagate different gender roles. If men can do something, so can they.

9. They are frustrated by a lack of planning. As I already said, strong women are known to be impeccable planners that have amazing organizational skills. Therefore, you can only imagine what a lack of planning does to them.

10. Their power intimidates insecure and immature men. Their confidence, mental strength, and honesty are sometimes too much for people who have never lived a life based on these core values.

11. They praise other women and support their fight. They believe in the women’s movement and they celebrate the female strength. Strong, independent women admire other women. They look up to them and perceive them as a never-ending source of inspiration.

12. They are known as remarkable managers. Strong women are the glue that holds things up. They are leaders in every segment of life, and they are proud to be a source of inspiration for many people.

Stephanie Reeds