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8 Most Common Relationship Problems And How To Overcome Them


Romantic relationships are never a smooth journey. Sooner or later every couple goes through challenges and problems in their relationship – from misunderstandings and fights over petty things to jealousy and problems about money. But, these issues are not necessarily unhealthy. They can simply mean that you and your partner still have a lot of things to discover and learn about each other and your relationship as well.

What you need to remember is that only when you know how to recognize and deal with your relationship issues properly can you make your relationship stronger, happier, and more successful.

So, here are 8 most common relationship problems and how to successfully overcome them:

1. Poor Communication

Some couples find it easier to sweep problems under the carpet than to openly talk about them with each other and try to find a way to solve them. Other couples do have open communication when they’re faced with an issue in their relationship, but what they fail to realize is that they actually don’t listen to each other – they just try to read their partner’s mind.

If you happen to have such problems in your relationship, know that the best way you can overcome them is by always openly addressing the issues in your relationship. Never keep your relationship problems to yourself. Instead, talk to your partner about whatever is bothering you in a calm, civilized manner and, in this way, both of you will feel heard, validated, and safe.

2. Lack Of Appreciation

Lack of appreciation can take a serious toll on any relationship. Having frequent arguments with your partner, taking each other for granted, and being unfaithful to them are some of the ways lack of appreciation can manifest itself in a relationship.

When you or your partner aren’t committing enough time and effort to your relationship, you unavoidably end up feeling neglected. To prevent this, both you and your significant other need to think and talk about what ways you two contribute to the relationship and whether you value and show gratitude for the things you do for each other.

This is how you can help yourselves feel loved and appreciated.

3. Frequent Fights

All couples fight – that’s a fact. But what distinguishes couples that are in healthy, happy, and successful relationships from those that are in troubled and messy ones is that the former know how to fight. They don’t insult and belittle each other and they don’t make fun of each other’s flaws. They don’t ignore each other’s opinions.

Instead, when they want to complain about something to their partner or when they have a grave problem to solve, they try to do that in a calm, civilized, mature way.

4. Growing Apart

People grow, people change. So, if you and your partner have stopped sharing the same or similar priorities, goals, and passions,  know that it’s completely meaningless complaining about these differences and wanting your partner to be the “old” person they used to be.

So, instead of wasting energy and time grieving over the man/woman they were, make sure you talk to your partner about each other’s goals and dreams and encourage each other to pursue them. Just because you’ve started having different interests, it doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your connection.

5. Infidelity

Infidelity is an issue that can easily make a relationship fall apart. Once you betray your significant other, it’d be too difficult for you to regain their trust and get your relationship back on track.

Infidelity is something that can never be justified. Therefore, even if you’re not feeling happy in the relationship and even if you feel like you’ve lost intimacy, never cheat on your partner. Instead, talk about this problem to them and together find a way to solve it.

6. Traumas

People that keep their personal problems and painful, traumatic events from their past to themselves and never share them with their partner allow such events to pull them apart. Therefore, never clam up and suffer silently. Instead, share your worries, problems, and the burden of your past with your partner. Open up to them. Allow them to help you overcome whatever is bothering you.

7. Feeling Bored

When you’re with someone for years, know that boredom is a very common complaint. If you feel that the romance between you and your partner has waned and you want to rekindle the spark in your relationship and make it exciting the way it was when you started dating, then think about what both of you can do about it, and once you find the solution, make sure you do your best to get out of the rut.

8. Last But Not Least, Financial Problems

Every couple experiences money problems at one point or another in their relationship. However, just because you’re a natural saver and your partner enjoys overspending money, it doesn’t mean that this has to turn into a problem.

If you and your partner have different habits when it comes to spending money, have an open talk about your financial status. You can also put money aside for your shared expenses and, in this way, you’ll prevent being financially dependent on each other.

Riley Cooper