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11 Things Your Husband Does That Mean You Hit The Marriage Jackpot


I am sure that every husband has had days where he doesn’t really rack up points. However, today we are going to celebrate all the amazing ways in which he has made you happy and helped you grow as a person, a mother, and a wife.

Here are the 11 things that your husband does that mean you are a very lucky lady because you have a wonderful gentleman as your husband.

1. He Loves His Mother

If your husband loves and respects his mother, it’s a good indicator that he will also treat you with nothing but love and respect.

2. He Puts You Before Everyone Else (Including Himself)

He is committed entirely to you. He feels like he could take on the world as long as he has you by his side. You are a priority to him because your happiness is the most important thing to him.

3. He Encourages You to Pursue Your Passions

You might dream of getting a master’s degree, learning a new language, taking a new hobby… whatever your goals are, your man is there to push you towards them. He is your biggest supporter and motivator.

4. He Is A Hard Worker

If your husband puts a lot of effort and energy into everything he does such as his career, his projects, his hobbies, his family, his education, his love for you –  then you are fortunate to have a hard-working husband because you can be sure that he will fight fiercely when things get rough.

5. He Gives You Compliments

Affirmation words are one of the crucial aspects of every healthy relationship. And I think that every woman wants to be complimented every now and then. It’s those little things like hearing your husband say “You are so beautiful” that make your heart melt.

6. He Says, ‘I Love You’ Often

Even though these three words are simple and easy, they can mean the world to the person who hears them. Unfortunately, they are often left unsaid. If your husband tells you that he loves you often, you’ve got yourself a keeper.

7. He Never Stops Flirting with You

Flirting is a sign that your husband’s love for you is still young and fresh like the day he met you. If he flirts with you and still gives you butterflies in your stomach, you have a wonderful husband who truly loves you.

8. He Makes Day-to-Day Tasks Fun

If your husband makes mundane tasks like walking the dog or doing the dishes fun – you married an amazing man. When you have a great time by doing even the most boring things only because he is with you, that’s true happiness.

9. He Comforts You When You Are Down

Whether you are feeling down, or you have received bad news, your husband always has you back. You know you can count on him to comfort you and lift you up. That’s priceless.

10. He Surprises You

Whether he makes you breakfast, brings you a small thoughtful gift, or plans a trip, you can be sure that you have a fabulous husband that loves you and wants to make you happy.

11. He Communicates Openly with You

Communication is central to any relationship. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about as long as you understand each other and have an open communication. If your husband is also an active listener – you’ve definitely hit the marriage jackpot.


Mary Wright


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