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10 Valuable Things I’ve Learned Only With Time


1. As much as you want, you can never please everyone. Instead, try pleasing yourself and put yourself on a pedestal. After all, everyone is concerned with pleasing only themselves.

2. Nobody is truly happy with what they have, and nobody is perfect. Let this really sink in so that you can be free of judgment and of comparison with others. That is the most liberating feeling ever.

3. The sooner you make peace with your looks, the better. You will regret wasting your time in criticizing your body while failing to realize that the most important thing is the vessel in which your soul lives in. Your looks don’t define you, your soul does.

4. In the end, all it matters is how much value you gave to the world. How much wisdom and love you gave to others. Material possessions don’t matter. So, make sure to travel, to enjoy new experiences and to tell your stories to the world.

5. You may not have a tomorrow. So, always, and I mean always, drink the best champagne you have, and use all the best things that you are saving for special occasions. Make every day a special occasion.

6. You spend most of your life in worshiping and chasing false goals and ideals. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll finally start living.

7. Don’t try to fight the aging process. Embrace it, enjoy it. It is perfectly natural for your body to age. And it is beautiful in every age, you just need to see its beauty.

8. Everyone sees the things you do wrong, and rarely who really sees the things you do right. You need to understand this to finally let go of all the burdens that you have and just have fun.

9. Your health is important, obviously. But, worry, stress, and fear are more harmful to your well-being than any delicious meal that you may deny yourself. Peace and happiness are the best and the cheapest medicine.

10. Your time on earth is limited. But as long as you are living your life the right way – you can be sure that you will have a great life. Life should always be like an exciting adventure, not a boring chore.

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Mary Wright


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