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11 Amazing Things That Happen When You Embrace Being Alone


There’s an enormous difference between being alone and being lonely. Being lonely is a feeling but being alone is a choice – and in many cases, it can be a healthy one. In fact, we all need some alone time, and once you embrace being alone for a while, there are so many things you will learn about yourself and your life.

Being alone has its own benefits. Here are 11 amazing things that happen when you embrace being alone.

1. You make the plans

While it’s good to follow the lead sometimes, it’s best if you get to make the plans yourself. And being alone doesn’t ask for compromise from anyone. Instead, you get to choose what to do and how to handle the things you want to tackle.

2. You get more done

Practically speaking, people can be a real nuisance sometimes – especially when you have a load of things waiting for you to finish. Isolating yourself from the world for a while is actually an excellent option in such cases.

3. You actually practice your independence

We all like to see ourselves as independent – but how independent are we? Once you spend some alone time, you’ll understand that we tend to latch onto things and allow ourselves to depend on them. And during your alone time, you truly practice your independence.

4. You get a full recharge

People, as lovable as they are, require attention and energy. So, if you’re surrounded by people all the time, you don’t have time to recharge. When you’re alone, though, you have all the time you need to recharge.

5. You can face your own emotions in a healthier way

Being alone allows you to truly get in touch with your emotions, experience them without any restraint, and learn more about yourself in the process. While social surroundings force many people to suppress emotions, social isolation allows these emotions to emerge and tell you everything they carry with them.

6. You gain validation from within

Many seek validation from the outside, behaving and acting in ways that will engage one’s attention. This is a draining and pointless process that has a short-lasting effect on your personality, though. Finding yourself means gaining validation from within and spending some time alone will allow you to experience that too.

7. You don’t have to please or offend anyone

Sometimes we all need a break from all that endless thinking whether we have done something good for someone else or if we have offended somebody. Being alone allows you to focus on yourself and on your needs – and who’s here to say that you don’t deserve that?

8. You learn to appreciate the people around you more

Too much chocolate and you’re sick of chocolate. How about savoring it? That’s the same with friendships, really. You can’t know how much someone’s worth if you spend most of your time with them. You need to learn to appreciate the time you spend with them first and understand what makes them so special in your life. Some alone time goes a long way for this.

9. You have time to reflect

Reflection is very important when you’re dealing with all the challenges life brings. And how can you reflect if you’re not alone? While it’s nice to phase out sometimes (regardless where you are), there isn’t a lot of time available to fully reflect. There’s plenty of time for that when you’re alone, though.

10. Once you reflect, you can finally let go

Most of the thoughts that seem to be leading us away from the present moment are usually connected to things we haven’t put too much thought into. Reflection allows you to understand the message and finally let go.

11. You discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed

By being alone, you get the chance to rediscover yourself – to discover parts of you which you have neglected since forever and to truly understand who you are. The constant noise and endless conversations we subject ourselves to are usually the static that doesn’t allow you to see yourself for who you truly are. Being alone is that empowering moment when the static finally goes away and only you remain.

Mary Wright


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