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11 Signs You’ve Been Reincarnated Many Times Before


We are eternal souls in temporary bodies, or in other words, we materialize into being in this dimension and leave. The process of reincarnation is one that is bound by the karmic cycle and its purpose is that of learning and growing.

This means that the more times we reincarnate, the greater wisdom and knowledge of life and existence we accumulate in our being. It’s no wonder that the people we call ‘old souls’ radiate with an unconditional wisdom which seems innate.

So, how do you know if you have reincarnated many times before? Here are some telltale signs.

1. Unbound wisdom

Ever since a young age, you have radiated with a wisdom which is beyond your years. This wisdom is something others have noticed as well, and it’s no wonder if people come to you for advice on just about anything.

2. Heightened intuition

You have an evolved, heightened intuition which serves you in every situation. And more importantly, you know how to listen to this keen sense of pre-perception and allow it to lead you in life.

3. Extreme empathy

Your strong empathy is a result of countless lives, allowing you to sense and identify every emotion behind the façade of any person. Such heightened senses like empathy and intuition do bring their own challenges, but they’re only available to the more-evolved souls.

4. Unexplainable fears

Fears and phobias are usually the result of a traumatic experience during one’s life. However, if you seem to be afraid of (for example) water without a particular reason, it could be that it had to do something with some of your past lives. Sometimes, past-life trauma remains to haunt the soul in the following reincarnations.

5. Feeling out of place and longing for a ‘home’ you cannot recall

Another sign that your soul has been in this dimension many times is the feeling like you belong somewhere else, like there’s this ‘home’ which is not here and now. This crippling wanderlust and yearning for a place which isn’t here and now could be something which has to do with some of your previous lives.

6. Recurring Déjà vu

Another sign that you have reincarnated many times is the recurring déjà vu’s you are getting in almost random and irrelevant situations. Déjà vu is the feeling you get when you think you’ve experienced something before.

7. Unexplainable understanding of people

Ever since a child, you’ve been able to understand people perfectly – the way they function, the things they do, the petty reasons behind every ‘evil’ act… It’s because you’ve met so many people throughout your lives, that you kind of know the human nature much better than those around you.

8. Inability to fully bond with others

Being aware of the human nature is both a blessing and a curse. You are more selective when it comes to people and you rarely give in completely. Really, the set of abilities you have gained throughout your many lives have made you a more careful and observant person, so it’s rather natural to behave like this.

9. Super-fast learning

Another trait of someone who has been through many lifetimes is the ability to subconsciously tap into the knowledge which has been accumulated in your being and build up on it. So, whatever you want to find out and learn, you do it in a very quick and efficient way. It’s like you have a basis of information from which you always start.

10. Feeling drawn to a specific culture or time

Many old souls feel particularly drawn to specific cultures or times from the past. If this is the case with you also, it could be because you have lived in that time or culture in some of your past lives. Perhaps there’s some message for you there that might prove useful for your growth.

11. Past-life memories

Although not the most common thing, it still is a possibility. Past-life memories usually come at the exact moment when they are relevant to your knowledge and understanding. And the feeling you get when these memories occur is one that tells you that they’re not from this life.

Mary Wright


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