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10 Warning Signs Of Narcissistic Behavior That You Should Know To Protect Yourself


1. They Make Impressive Statements All The Time

Narcissists use grandiose statements to draw people to them and earn their admiration and confidence. They do it because they feel entitled to get the things they want and succeed in whatever they set their mind to. They always think of themselves as the best, the greatest, the smartest, the sexiest… and so on and so on.

2. They Want Power And Control

Narcissists are often perceived as leaders in society due to their behavior which looks like confidence. They want power and control over people. Their charisma and charm help them in attaining their sense of power because it attracts others to them like a magnet.

3. They Make Everything About Them

Narcissists love talking about themselves. Whenever you talk to the, you’ll notice that they are not paying attention to what you are saying, rather they take every chance to interrupt you and start talking about themselves.

4. They Manipulate People To Get What They Want

Narcissists tend to manipulate and exploit others for their own selfish needs and desires. They charm them, flatter them, and toy with their emotions until they get what they want from them. Then they go to their next ‘victim.’

5. They Cheat On You

The majority of narcissists are cheaters and they are unfaithful because they are addicted to the gratification and feelings of power after exploiting other people through their sexual liaisons. Moreover, the act of cheating involves a sense of power and validation in the eyes of narcissists.

6. They Constantly Argue With You

Narcissists think they are always right. Therefore, arguing with them is exhausting and pointless. Unfortunately, they constantly pick up fights because they want to test your love and staying power. They want to check occasionally if they still have the whole control over you.

7. Physical Appearance Is Very Important To Them

Narcissists are people who are more likely to wear flashy, and expensive clothes. They always maintain a neat and organized appearance which would probably require a lot of preparation.

8. They Are Constantly In And Out Of Relationships

There is a trend among narcissists: their relationship reaches its peak in the fourth month and after that, the relationship is over. Moreover, individuals who have been in a relationship with a narcissist say that their relationship was the best in the first four months and then it started to go downhill.

9. Whenever Emotions Come Up, They Change The Subject

Narcissists don’t want to talk about feelings because they feel vulnerable and exposed and they feel they will lose their power if they reveal their true emotions. So, whenever you start talking about it, they immediately change the subject.

10. Their Eyes Glaze Over And Become Distant When You’re Talking

They might say ‘yeah’ or ‘uh-huh’ and pretend like they are listening to you, but you can tell from their unfocused gaze that they are not. You’ll see the distance in their eyes. They will only focus if you start talking about them and praising them.

Mary Wright