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All The Loses For The Things You’ve Settled For Are There To Remind You Of What You Deserve


Sometimes it takes losing something or someone to start appreciating what we have and what we deserve.

Sometimes it takes pain and heartbreak to make us see what it is that we want in life and what kind of love we desire to have.

And sometimes it takes loving someone who is wrong for us to realize the one who is right for us.

Sometimes by losing what we’ve had, we begin to realize that that thing or person wasn’t what we really needed or wanted in our life. It takes a massive loss of things to remind us of the power within us for change and rejuvenation. We must experience loss to remind ourselves that we don’t deserve suffering and pain. That we shouldn’t settle because we are destined for bigger and better things.  

There are so many things that keep us settled and stuck at a place we don’t deserve to be in. Some would say we keep ourselves there out of loneliness and feeling alone, or a lack of confidence and self-love. It can be because of many things, but one thing is certain – we don’t know why we remain tied down, and how to untie ourselves from the physical and mental prison.

Therefore, losing something we had can be a big wake-up call for all of us. A call for action. A beginning of a beautiful transformation in our life. A start of our journey for rediscovering ourselves and becoming self-aware to unlearn everything that we’ve been told and learn how to listen only to our inner voice.

Because it takes a loss of people we love to find ourselves.

Oftentimes we believe the lies we tell ourselves because our hearts are hungry for love. So, we settle for mediocre things, relationships, and people forcing ourselves to see them as being great. We lie to ourselves because facing the horrible reality is too scary. We don’t want to face the truth and start anew.

Sometimes, we spend our whole lives around people who don’t deserve us and give them many chances only to hurt us and break our heart again. We fight for false relationships and false people. We fight for the ones who never fight for us. Why? Because we are conditioned to think that we’ll never find love again.

However, instead of fighting to remain stuck in a certain position, we should fight to let go and free ourselves. Only then we will realize what we truly deserve. That we deserve better. That we deserve a person who won’t break our heart and call it love.

It took days, months, even years to heal from all the loses I’ve experienced but now, when I look back, I understand that all has happened for a reason. Because every loss has brought me closer to where I am right now. It has taught me who I am and what I deserve. Most importantly, it has reminded me that I deserve better.

Mary Wright