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10 Things You Should Do If You Are In Love With A Highly Sensitive Person


Highly sensitive people see and experience the world in a different way than other people. They are more aware of the surrounding energies and are extremely sensitive to the vibrations of the people which makes them very intuitive people, able to recognize a bad or a good person immediately after meeting them.  

Moreover, these sensitive souls are very creative, sharp, insightful, and empathetic. While these traits are what makes them one of the best people in the world, they are also making them feel stressed and overwhelmed.

That’s why if you are in love with a highly sensitive person, you should be careful to not hurt their feelings. Here are 10 things you should do if you want to make them feel comfortable and have a good and loving relationship with your sensitive person.

1. You Should Always Be Honest with Them Without Holding Back Your Emotions

Highly sensitive people are extremely sensitive to energies. They are very intuitive, and they can sense when someone is not being genuine. That’s why you should always tell the truth to them. Also, you should be able to express your feelings honestly and without holding back because they can only be around open and transparent people who don’t play games or hide their true nature.

2. You Should Respect Their Sensitive Nature and Their Heightened Emotions

Highly sensitive people have a very deep and rich emotional world. They can feel the emotions and the pain of other people as they were their own. Moreover, they will do everything that is in their power to help them heal. These empathetic souls wear their heart on their sleeve. They only want to be accepted and loved as they are, with their complexity and depth.

3. You Should Give Them Time to Be Alone

Highly sensitive people have an insatiable need to decompress from everyone and everything and “disappear” for hours or days from the world. This is because they get easily overwhelmed by outside triggers and from dealing with all kinds of different energy that they need time off. This is not personal, it’s just their way to stay balanced.

4. You Should Expect Both Extreme Passion and Indifference Depending on The Situation

Highly sensitive people pursue their passions intensely and with a great amount of energy. They are very creative people and can find beauty in everything. Their nature is “extreme” – they either love something or they don’t. There is no “in between.” Moreover, they can never be two-faced with people they can’t stand. But if they love you, you can be sure that they love you with all their heart.

5. You Should Stimulate Their Mind and Imagination

More than anything, highly sensitive people need mental stimulation. They need someone who understands their soul. They can’t be in meaningless relationships because they are too deep. Therefore, they despise shallow conversations since their topics of interest are about aliens, space, animals, and the nature of everything. Topics like that light up their imagination and make them feel more connected to the person with whom they are having a conversation.

6. You Should Go on Adventures and Try New Things with Them

Highly sensitive people love nature very much. They are very spontaneous and open-minded people and that’s why they are the perfect company for going on an unexpected adventure. A surprise trip will make them feel alive and loved and that’s all they need.

7. You Should Show Them Plenty of Love and Affection

Highly sensitive people need tons of love and affection. That’s why you should never ever hold back. Be affectionate and loving to them always because it helps them reduce their stress and anxiety.

8. You Should Support Them and Motivate Them to Pursue the Things They Love

Highly sensitive and empathetic people can sometimes go into “hermit mode” and that’s why it’s essential to get them out of the house and motivate them to follow their passions whenever they lose energy. They might hate it at first, but they will be grateful to you in the long run.

9. You Should Not Try to Change Them

If you are in love with a highly sensitive person you should accept them for the emotional, intense, and complex individual that they are. You should never ask them to change because they are already perfect. Simply embrace their nature and enjoy spending time with these beautiful and pure souls.

10. You Should Be Able to Calm Them Down When They Feel Overwhelmed

Their mind is always running and therefore, they often get overwhelmed by experiencing and feeling so much. If you are in love with a highly sensitive person like this, you should be able to calm them down with your affection and love whenever they feel like they are losing themselves. By creating a safe and peaceful place for them, you will soothe their soul and calm their anxious heart.

They are really angels without wings. Have you ever been in love with a highly sensitive person?

Mary Wright