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Sensitive People Are Angels Without Wings


“You may be sensitive inside, but what I see on the outside is a soldier.” 
― Lauren Graham

Sensitive people are extraordinary human beings. They are generous and forgiving, and always ready to help others. Their empathy and their ability to always see the best in people is what makes them angels without wings.

Angels can be found in many forms and in the most unexpected places. Just because someone doesn’t have wings, it doesn’t mean that their soul isn’t angelic.

Sensitive people are very affected by all the negativity that happens in the world. They are at the same time the best and the worst types of angels because they always give way too much to others and expect too little.

They are always the victims of this crazy world we live in. They see everything, they feel everything, and yet they don’t say anything. They struggle inside. They feel the pain inside of them and never complain about it.

Sensitive people are just too pure to live in this world.

They have complex and rich inner lives. They have intensified bodily sensations and they follow their instincts in whatever they do. Luckily, their intuition is always correct and never betrays them.

Sensitive people always live a life of extreme highs and lows. They have huge tolerance levels, but if you cross their boundaries, they will let you know. They can deal with a lot of pain and tolerate any sort of bullshit, but when they are done – they are done.

Sensitive people, I think, are the ones that need the most love. They need to feel loved and appreciated because they had people stepping over them all the time. That’s why they learned to not expect much from others.

And no matter what happens to them, they try to remain positive. They are always compassionate, and they don’t let the evil and the negativity of the world to turn them into bitter people.

Sensitive people are truly wonderful human beings, and the world needs more of them. They are angels without wings, able to achieve many things without help from anyone.

Their sensitivity and empathetic nature can heal the broken hearts of others. They almost never get angry and they don’t hold grudges. There is no place for hate in their hearts. They only know to love.  

Sensitive people deserve much more than this world can give them. Because they are the pure souls that help those in need. Their sensitivity is healing and empowering at the same time. It’s their greatest trait.

So, if you have a person like this in your life hold on to them and never let them go. Show them appreciation and love, and never ever take them for granted.

And if you are a sensitive person – please don’t change. The world needs your power! We need angels without wings like you.

Image: Olga Campbell

Mary Wright


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