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Sensitive People Are Not Weak, They Are The Most Beautiful And Strong People In The World


Sensitive people are often perceived as damaged goods and weaklings. However, being sensitive and feeling everything deeply and intensely is not weak – it is actually a sign of compassion and aliveness, a sign of being completely in touch with oneself.

And it is not that sensitive and empathetic people are broken or weak, it is our society that has become emotionally crippled and dysfunctional.

Sensitive people are very intense. Being vulnerable is a part of their nature. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, so they are not ashamed to shed a tear or two for something that others may find it unimportant.

Despite being hurt and heartbroken many times before, these sensitive souls still have love and compassion to offer to others.

They are always there to offer someone a hand or a kind word and a smile. Their ability to love unconditionally is something which not many people possess, and it is indeed a real treasure nowadays.

Sensitive people are very intuitive. They can see through someone’s words and detect their lies in a heartbeat. Still, they choose compassion over anger and they even try to justify the lies and manipulations.

They approach everything with grace, kindness, empathy, and a profound humanness.

They are the artists, the inventors, and the creators of a more beautiful and loving world.

If you are a sensitive person, you should not be ashamed to express your true feelings. Don’t let others’ descriptions of you as a “complicated emotional creature” or being a “hot mess” put you down because this cruel world needs more of your sensitive energy and caring nature.

Image:Danny O’Connor

Mary Wright