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10 Signs You Are Not Respecting Yourself And You Should Immediately Change That


When it comes to respect, everyone wants to be respected and valued by others. But, if we take into consideration the fact that we can’t expect others to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves, then how many people can say they have never disrespected themselves? Every relationship we have with another person is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

Therefore, by trusting, loving, and respecting ourselves, we teach others to trust us, love us, and respects us. Here are 10 signs you are failing yourself that you need to change fast if you want others to respect you and see you in high light.

1. You Are Judgmental

If you catch yourself talking behind someone’s back or lashing against them with judgment in your eyes, then know that those exact words are things about yourself that you need to heal. Talking ill about someone and gossiping are signs that you are not feeling good in your skin and you lack self-confidence. When you are judging another human being, you are unknowingly hurting them based on your perception of the world and that is not right.

2. You Don’t Put Yourself First

Yes, helping others is a wonderful thing and it can bring you incredible satisfaction and joy, but sometimes, you must be selfish for yourself and protective of your energy. That is healthy selfishness. You must respect yourself enough to put yourself first and care more about yourself and your own needs before you take care of others’.

3. You Seek Validation From Others

You seek validation and attention from other people because there is already something missing inside of you. There is a void that needs to be healed. That’s why you depend so much on what other people think of you. You are worth it. Don’t allow yourself to live by how others tell you to live. Heal yourself first and fill your heart with self-love so that you will never allow anyone to mistreat you.

4. You Are Bitter And Angry

Anger is a sign that you terribly need to change something. Anger is the face of the ego. It means that your ego is hurt, or you are not satisfied with your life. Your emotional or psychological needs are not being met and that’s why you are bitter. Your bitterness and anger are signs you should change something in your life and bring more peace and harmony in it.

5. You Continuously Do Things You Don’t Want

Whether is a relationship, a lifestyle, or a job, by repeatedly going into the same toxic cycles you are hurting yourself. You are causing yourself mental and emotional turbulences that may result in anxiety and depression. Stop doing things you hate. Respect yourself and your health enough to only do what feels good to you.

6. You Lie To Yourself

And you tell white lies to others. Lying is not a good sign. It is an indicator of a lack of self-confidence. Stop hiding behind a mask. Stop lying to yourself and others. Be you. Stop trying to impress others. You are worthy, and anyone who can’t see it, it is not worthy of your time.

7. You Hide Your Feelings

You mask your feelings and emotions because you are scared to reveal the true you to others. You fear people will judge you or not like you and therefore you try to blend into the mass. When you are not true to your feelings, you are not being true to yourself. Be more vulnerable. Open your heart. Your inner world is magical. Start listening to your heart and live your truth.

8. You Are Hard On Yourself

You are not kind to yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and you shouldn’t try to make everything perfect, including yourself. Life is about growing, learning new things, and enjoying every minute of it. Don’t waste your time overthinking about all the things you should have done differently. Life’s too short. Be happy, be kind, and love more.

9. You Let Other People Influence Your Decisions

Whether it’s your friends, parents, coworkers, stop letting other people have a say in your life. You are responsible for it and you know best what is good for you. Stop letting others influence your decisions because they haven’t walked in your shoes and they don’t know how it’s like to be you.

10. You Don’t Trust Your Intuition

We all have instincts. Your gut feeling is real, and your inner voice is constantly trying to tell you something. Listen to it. That’s how you’ll always be on the right path.

Mary Wright