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Why INFJs Cut People Out Of Their Lives Just Like That


An INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) is a Meyers Briggs personality type and it is a person who can remove people from their life in a blink of an eye.

An INFJ person can “slam the door” to anyone, even the people who were most close to them. Why? Because when an INFJ connects with another human being, they give their all. They give their heart, mind, and soul to that and expect the same in return. Therefore, when that person tries to take advantage of them and doesn’t respect them and their emotions, the INFJ will cut ties with that person.

When an INFJ decides enough is enough, it really is. They will walk away without turning back or regretting their decision. They will sever ties with anyone who has hurt them deeply.

INFJs are extremely understanding and tolerant human beings. They are loving, kind, and deep. They have empathetic and forgiving souls and tend to give many chances to people who have hurt them. However, when they say they are done – they are really done. They can block and erase everything about the person and move on as if the person who hurt them never existed in their life.

Some INFJs, however, hope that by walking away they will make the other person realize their worth and regret losing them which at the end, will result in that person trying to make amends with the INFJ and try to work things out again.

An INFJ person doesn’t like drama and they stay away from it. That’s why they will not make a noise when they leave. However, the act of severing ties with the person may be their final attempt to change things in the connection. If, however, the person who got cut off doesn’t take action, the INFJ will continue walking proudly realizing they made the right decision.

And the reason why the INFJ will immediately regain their strength and power and not mourn the relationship is that they grieve the loss of it before they decide to cut ties with their partner.

INFJ are intuitive introverts which means that they process their emotions internally. That’s why when they feel something is not right, they trust their gut feeling. They can’t be in a relationship or any type of connection with someone with who they don’t feel emotionally safe.

Therefore, once an INFJ cuts ties with someone, they feel liberated because for so long they have been carrying the weight of the relationship they know they have to end.

An introvert is not a kind of person who will tell someone how they like to be treated because they believe that a person who deeply loves them and respects them will never hurt them or disrespect them in any kind of way. Of course, some INFJs may forgive the person who has hurt them and allow them back into their life but not until they have changed their behavior.

Mary Wright