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Nobody Knows Mike Pence! A Video That Shows How Little The Americans Are Aware Of Who’s In Charge Of The USA


It seems like it was only yesterday with all the political craze in the US. Hillary, Trump, and all the craziness and controversy that surrounded the political campaign. It seemed like every American was aware of who is in the race of becoming the new President and what they’re bringing with them.

But how aware were they? Well, it turns out that we might not have been that aware as we liked to put it – at least not in the complete sense. And this video just shows how little we cared when it came to who is going to represent our interests.

The focus went solely on the controversies that swam from beneath the surface and it stayed there, with people still supporting and opposing the ideologies that the governments had to offer.

Here’s a question: Do you know who Mike Pence is? While everyone is well aware of who Donald Trump is, being one of the loudest Presidents in American history, not many seem to be aware that there is an existent Vice President.

“Mike Pence? This kinda sounds like a writer or a construction worker,” is one of the answers to the question “Do you know who Mike Pence is?”

The producers of the video have put Miley Cyrus on the scale to see how popular both are among the regular American person. And guess who won?

The real question is: should we be more aware of who runs the country? Is it worth knowing who the Vice President is? Do you know who the Vice President is?

Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments!

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/34487346291/

Mary Wright


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