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These Kids’ Unique Way Of Helping The Police Officers To Catch A Criminal Is Amazing


Even though police officers are known to be well-trained professionals in tracking down and catching criminals using all types of sophisticated equipment; sometimes it takes an ordinary person, or in this case, kids, to help them finish their task successfully.

The Awesome Dozen” group of children aged from 6 to 12, are the perfect example of this. Namely, these kids who come from Surrey County, London, were on the field playing Easter egg hunt when they noticed a police helicopter circling just above them. Shortly after they saw the helicopter, they spotted a man running suspiciously in one direction only to change his mind suddenly and start heading to the nearby woods.

The children saw that he was trying to confuse the police and he succeed in his intention for the police helicopter turned around ready to fly away. However, what the children did next is incredible.

First, they started waving and pointing to the direction in which the man went. However, when they realized it is not working, that the police helicopter does not notice them – these smart heads changed the approach for a new idea. They laid down on the ground in a form of an arrow that was pointing to the woods.

And their plan worked! The police officers noticed them and went immediately to the direction the children pointed out and soon enough they caught the criminal they were looking for.

The police officers and the whole police department expressed genuine gratitude and thanked the little heroes for their quick wit and action. This story is a proof that we should never underestimate children for their abilities because every little kid has a special way of thinking and can indeed be a hero.

Mary Wright


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