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You’ve Been Strong For Too Long – You Deserve To Take A Break And Focus On You


You are an exceptional woman. A strong one. Someone who doesn’t give up when things get hard. You are the rock on which others lean on for support. You give them strength. You inspire them. They know they can always count on you. Because you are a wonder woman.

You’ve been through hell and you still managed to bounce back stronger than ever. You experienced many losses and many pain and you survived. You are still here – strong and brave as always.

But right now, you are scared. Because you no longer want to fight alone. You need someone to hold your hand and go through life with you. You need someone to be there for you just like you are always there for others.

And you don’t need someone because you are not able to take care of yourself. No. You need them to understand you because it is always wonderful to have someone who is on the same energetic level as you and wants to walk their life path with you.

And maybe you never considered this, but you are allowed to break down. You are allowed to cry. You are allowed to be weak sometimes. And this is not a sign that you are weak, but that you’ve been strong for a very long time.

Because you had everyone’s back. Regardless of who came asking you for help, you were always there to offer them comfort and solutions. People know they can count on you. Sadly, when you needed them they were never there. They never asked you how you were. They supposed you are OK because you never let them see you struggling.

And it’s not that you expect another person to come and solve your problems. No. You don’t expect anything from others. You are just looking to find your own sharp sword to keep fighting.

Life was never easy for you. But you never gave up. No matter how many times you got exhausted and heartbroken – you never gave up.

You face every day with a smile and positive thoughts.

But, you have trouble finding a man who is on the same level as you, who is ready to love you the way you deserve to be loved.

You don’t want to play games. You refuse to deal with immature guys and manipulators.

You need someone as strong as you.

My strong woman, I want to remind you that you have everything you are looking for in yourself. Don’t forget your worth. You are not born as a half person. You are whole already.

Don’t let anything take you down.

Mary Wright