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Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Why You Are So Scared Of Love

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You love living your life full steam ahead. Your individual space and independence are things that you value the most. You are someone who doesn’t fear to go through life alone. In fact, you are better off alone. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own ways that you feel like you can’t deal with anyone else’s energy. When it comes to love, one of your fears is that the relationship will take away your freedom and slow down your life.

But, the reality is that you do believe in monogamy and you want to be in a loving and passionate relationship that will reignite that fire inside you. Yet, you are so scared of suffocating and having no room to breathe. Your perfect relationship is with someone with whom you can feel loved and secure but at the same time, you’ll have all the freedom in the world.

You have a hard time letting someone in your life and opening up. Because you’ve fallen so quickly in love in the past and had your heart broken that now you are scared of getting involved with someone before you get to know them. You are very careful as to who you let near your heart. Sometimes love scares the shit out of you because even though you appear egotistical and wildly confident, you have a soft side and insecurities just like anyone else. If you have the time, you should read into the Aries Sun Leo Moon as well! 


You are so stubborn and set in your own ways that there is no other sign that hates change more than you. You love your comfort zone and you rarely (if ever) step out of it. You are terrified of intimacy and breaking your barriers to let someone near you that has the potential of hurting you.

Yes, you appear confident, composed, and cold, but on the inside, you are a romantic that believes in finding the right person and having your happily ever after. You want a stable relationship more than anything. Yes, you are a flirt, but when it comes to commitment you want it to be real and for the long haul because you don’t want to make a space for someone in your life, adapt to them, and then have them leaving the next day.

In the past, you might have thought that you’ve found the one, but you ended up being hurt in the end. You have abandonment issues, i.e. you are scared of someone not needing you. That’s why you became overly-generous and at times you’ve sacrificed your own happiness for the sake of someone else’s. And now you fear to let anyone near you and having the chance to explore something new. To learn more about this sign, you can visit Mastering the Zodiac to learn all about the zodiac signs! 


Ah Gemini, you are so unpredictable. The only thing that is certain about you is that you change. And you change constantly. You are insatiably curious and have a zest for life. You are scared of falling in love because you think that it will confine you. That’s the thing about you. You can’t stay still.

It’s not that you don’t want love, but you are thirsty for new experiences and variety that your dream partner is someone who is versatile like you and with whom you can travel the world and have wonderful exciting experiences.

You fear losing yourself in the process of loving someone. Deep inside, you think that you’ll lose your freedom, your social life, and your adventurous spirit. That’s why you prefer casual relationships and you are careful to not invest too much energy in a relationship. However, once you commit and fall in love, your generous side shows up and you are willing to sacrifice anything for love.


You are the most loving, affectionate, and nurturing sign of all the zodiac. You are so kind and caring about everyone and you are not afraid to show your vulnerable and sensible side to the world. When you love, you love hard. You give your all to the other person. They become your world. You are very loyal and committed to your relationships that have resulted with hurt in the past because not anyone is as dedicated and honest as you are.

Your greatest fear is giving your heart and soul to someone and not getting anything in return. Your expectations of love and romance are high because you cannot imagine yourself being in a mediocre relationship. You want a long and stable relationship based on love and trust. You want to feel emotionally secure when you are with them. You just crave intimacy.

Cancer, you have a very sensitive nature that makes you scared to reveal your true self to others. Because deep down, you are questioning yourself if you are good enough for your partner. You are scared to reveal your feelings because you are afraid of getting your heart broken.


You are the king or queen of romance. You love everything about love. You love falling in love, talking about love, feeling in love, yet finding someone who matches you is a difficult thing for you. It’s like you fear love because you fear being disappointed. When it comes to choosing your partners, you are very picky, and you have very high standards because your greatest fear is settling down with someone who is wrong for you.

You are very generous and giving and you want to find someone as generous as you. You don’t care about lavish presents and material possessions, you only care about the emotional connection you have with a person. You need respect and devotion. And you are not willing to settle for less.

Your biggest fear is having your partner stop loving you. This has to do mainly with your insecurities. You fear rejection and that’s why you leave everyone before they leave you. You are allowing love to slip away from you because of your fears and control issues. You want to remain in control in your relationship and that is also the reason why relationships are difficult for you.


You only allow people to see what you are willing to show them. Your world is very much protected by all the high walls that you’ve built around you over the years. Sometimes you struggle to feel worthy and beautiful and therein lie your insecurities and difficulties with relationships.

You strive to achieve perfection but failing short to do it makes you unable to realize how worthy of love you are. Therefore, you tend to attract emotionally immature and abusive partners. The lost ones. The hot messes. You attract them because you are a safe bet to them.

Your past hurt makes you fear that the next connection will hurt you as well. That’s why the mere idea of being vulnerable and open with someone horrifies you. You are terrified of being truly intimate with someone and yet you desire true intimacy more than anything. You are going from crippling paranoia to extreme trust in a heartbeat and you need someone who will show you they are trustworthy and safe to love them.


Libra, your innate fear of being alone coupled with your indecisiveness makes you go from one casual fling to another. In reality, however, you want to meet someone special that will sweep you off your feet. You are a romantic sign that wants to find their true love and form a meaningful and deep bond with them. Total submission of body, heart, mind, and soul.

But because you spend so much time trying to find your ideal partner and you are so preoccupied with how others perceive you, you may be too much aware of your faults and that might be what makes you fearful. Your charming nature doesn’t go unnoticed and you are excellent at small talk only because you are scared of revealing too much and showing your true nature.

You fear to reveal your true self and your negative traits because you want to appear perfect to the outside world. Your life is all about peace and harmony and you don’t want anyone to disturb you. The irony is that your fear of loneliness is making you run away from love. Or in other words, you run from love so that you won’t be left alone.


There is no secret that your number one fear is being betrayed by the person you love. You are by nature very distrustful and suspicious of everyone, including those closest to you. Your fear of being abandoned and rejected is much deeper than you like to admit.

You are very honest and open, and you expect others to be 100% honest with you as well. You appear friendly and open, but your true nature is very reserved and closed off. You rarely reveal your true self to others. You are an amazing friend, and people like to confide in you because their secrets are safe with you, but when it comes to you, you remain secretive. And even though you appear calm, cool, and collected, there is a fire of emotions inside you that is always burning. And because of this, your partner will always feel like they don’t know you; like you are hiding something from them.

You fear love because you fear opening up to someone. Because when you open up to someone, that means you want them to be in your life forever. And you are afraid that they will betray you in the end. Plus, your intensity overflows everything. You don’t half-ass things. You are all in or all out. There is no middle ground. That’s why you fear that you might be too much for some people.

You also fear happiness because you’ve been so deeply hurt in the past that now you fear to go through the pain again. Something wonderful can be in front of you and you may miss it because of your distrust at things. You tend to sabotage good things only because you are paranoid and self-destructive.


Sagittarius, your curious and energetic nature make you the life of every party or social event. You crave to be in a relationship that is intense and adventurous. You cannot imagine yourself being in a boring relationship. That’s why you fear to love. Because you are scared of losing the initial passion and excitement.

You feel like you have to protect your freedom at all costs because you are restless by nature and you feel like you can’t be bounded to one place too long. You fear commitment because you associate it with being tied down and being trapped in monotony and boredom. You feel as if you fall in love you consciously must give up traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new adventures.

But even though you have a reputation of being a player, in a relationship you are very caring and devoted. That’s because you are an idealist when it comes to love and you want everything to go smoothly in your relationship as in life. The only thing that stops you from experiencing the love you want is your fear of getting too much comfortable with each other and missing out on new opportunities.


You are very responsible, focused, and you have amazing self-control and self-discipline. You fear love only because the idea of it makes you feel reckless and out of control. You always must have a plan, and if you don’t have one you feel disoriented. Unluckily, you can’t plan everything when it comes to relationships. That’s the reason why you don’t allow love in. Because you are afraid that it will cause destruction into your life.

You hate to fail, both in life and in love, and that’s another reason why you are so guarded. However, once someone breaks down your walls, you are one of the most committed, loyal, and trustworthy people. And this also scares you because it makes it hard for you to leave. It is difficult for others to get to you, but once they do – you are there to stay.

Sadly, your fear of failure makes you terrified of love and commitments. You are scared that love would make you look like a fool and that you’ll be somehow publicly humiliated. You want to be seen as a strong and confident person and you do your best to hide your insecurities. That’s why you run from love.


Your need for freedom and aloneness makes you fearful of love because you want to explore your options. You see the world as a place full of possibilities and that’s why you don’t want to be restrained by any means. You are committed and loyal partner when you are in a relationship. You also give your partner all the freedom they need because you understand the importance of having time for yourself.

Your greatest fear is being in a relationship where your partner suffocates you and robs you of your freedom and independence. You are also an idealist and you believe in true love, and your emotional distance is your way of protecting your free spirit and authenticity.

However, you do want to find your right person and experience the love of a lifetime. It’s just that you don’t want an ordinary love. Some think of you as a naïve person because of your trusting nature, but you don’t want to be gullible again because it has brought you pain in the past. That’s why you don’t put yourself out there and you tend to choose logic over emotion, fearing of losing your senses again.


Dear Pisces, you are terrified of someone taking advantage of you. Your selfless and emphatic nature is making you love and care about people without expecting something in return. That’s why you are drawn to wounded and tortured souls. They see you as their savior and you want to help them, not realizing that you are hurting yourself in the process of healing them.

And it’s not your fault. You are a romantic that believes in true love and intimacy. You want to find the person who is right for you, but you end up disappointed anytime you start trusting someone.

You fear love because you tend to get attached too quickly and want to avoid being heartbroken again. You don’t want to feel empty again. You don’t want to fall in love with someone and watch them leave you. You feel like you can’t stand going through one more heartache, one more blow that diminishes your faith in love. 

Mary Wright