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Your Mother Is The Most Important Person In Your Life: Don’t Take Her Love For Granted

Losing a mother

Your mother is your guardian angel. She is your nurturer. Your caregiver. Your protector. Your disciplinarian and your friend. Your mother is the only human being in your life that is willing to sacrifice everything she holds dear for you. Your mother is the only person who would trade anything in the world to protect you and have you by her side. Your mother is the woman who carries you for a year, brings you into this world, gets to say the first hello to you and raise you.

Your mother gives you life. She is the reason you are alive and breathing. She the one who is there through your tough times, through your challenges, through your failures, through your sadness. She is there to lift you, push you forward, give you strength, inspire you, help you out, and show you the way.

Your mother is the most important person in your life, whether you know it or not.

She the only person that loves you unconditionally in the real sense of the word. The only person that accepts you just the way you are. Imperfect, sinful, different, flawed, irresponsible, ungrateful… Her love for you could never fade away. The fire that’s keeping her alive could never go out until you are there. Until you are alive and well.

So don’t take her love for granted. Don’t ignore nurturing the relationship you have with her.

Don’t wait until she’s gone to realize how much she’s meant to you.

Don’t wait until she’s gone to understand that she was indeed the one, true friend in your life.

Cherish her presence in your life and appreciate the fact that she is still alive and well. Appreciate the fact that she’s happy and healthy. Appreciate the fact that you can still see her, touch her, hug her and talk to her. Appreciate the fact that she’s still there for you, no matter what you’ve been through.

Stop for a second and think about it.

Think about all those times you were unfair to her and she still forgave you. Remember the times you weren’t there for her the way she’s there for you every waking moment of her life. Think of every single time you were ungrateful and harsh with her when all she ever cared about was to help you. To lend you a hand, to give you advice, to get you out of that mess, to release you from the pain that you are going through.

Take the time to think about all of those moments in life and tell me…

Has she not done everything she could for you? Has she not sacrificed herself for you more than once?

Your mother is your everything. So, don’t wait until she’s finally gone to realize how important her role is. Don’t wait until it is too late to understand how blessed you were for having a mother in your life, but not appreciating her enough when she was around. Don’t let yourself regret your actions once she leaves this place forever…

Hold her tight and be grateful to God for having her. Show her respect, but more importantly, love her the way she loves you. Let her know that you will continue to love her and take care of her until the day she takes her last breath and bids farewell to this world…

Stephanie Reeds