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Your Love Should Be Greater Than Any Argument That Comes Between You


All I ever wanted from you was a simple apology that never came. An apology that could have made everything better.

Yes, I may have gotten some mumbled words looking like an apology after my long monologue, but that was it. And it was long after the moment has passed. That’s when I gave up. Because I realized that there is no point asking someone for an apology if it doesn’t come naturally and from the heart.

Sometimes the apology never comes because pride and ego are standing in the way. Sometimes your self-worth, self-importance, self-respect, and self-esteem are more important to preserve than saying “I am sorry.”

However, all great relationships are great because both partners have learned to apologize, to forgive, and to forget. They have put their pride and ego on the side and their focus is only on mutual love and understanding. They know that saying “I am sorry” won’t make them less of a person but it can save their relationship.

Because love is not about competition and winning at all costs. Love is being a team and winning all the obstacles together.

And I know how hard it is to let things go and calm the situation, especially when you both are in the hit of the argument. I know how much you both want to win at that moment and taste the sweet victory – but please understand that it shouldn’t be about winning petty arguments when your relationship is at stake.

Winning an argument with your partner and putting your relationship at risk won’t make you smarter, taller, or richer. You may both end up losing at the end. You may both end up losing a great relationship.

No relationship is perfect. There are good times and bad times in every relationship. Arguments are inevitable. But no argument should be greater than the love between you.

Don’t allow misunderstandings and petty arguments destroy your relationship.

Forget the ego. Learn to listen. Be willing to compromise. Be humble. Be loving. And know this – your love should always be greater than any argument between you.

Mary Wright