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You’ll Be Sorry That You Lost The Woman Who Waited For You to Get Your Sh*t Together


I’ve always found romantic movies a bit hard to believe. They always involve a beautiful man and woman falling in love and being inseparable from one another. Then, the man inevitably does something to mess it all up and the woman leaves him for it. Up until that point, the movie is seemingly realistic. However, she always ends up taking him back – that’s the part that’s hard to believe.

The truth is that when a woman is done, she’s done. She can only wait for her man to figure himself out for so long until she gets tired of waiting. That’s exactly what you put the woman that you loved through and that’s how you lost her. Although you may not care now, you’ll be sorry that you lost the woman who waited for you to get your sh*t together.

Your Time is Up

You know that you behaved terribly and treated her like trash most of the time. For some reason though, you could never just own up to it and try to improve. You gave her so many excuses, but you never really did anything to change.

Eventually, you needed to man the hell up and learn how to love her, but you just couldn’t do that.

She tried so hard to be understanding and to support you. She gave you as much time as she could and she tried to be patient with you. The problem is that she only has so much time to give. At some point, she realized that she couldn’t waste her life away by waiting for you. Being with someone who wasn’t even trying to make the relationship work was destroying her.

Well, you took all the time that you could from her and now your time is up. She has nothing left to give you and she has no more reasons to stay. It doesn’t matter how much you want her back when you realize that you f*cked up. You lost her for good.

You Didn’t Love Her Enough

What was so important that you couldn’t take the time to appreciate her? Why couldn’t you just love and respect her as you should have? The truth is that no real man would treat his woman the way that you did. If he really loved her, he would find a way to make it work. He wouldn’t let her suffer just because he’s trying to get his own sh*t together.

Maybe you felt like you needed to find yourself or perhaps you just needed to grow the hell up. Whatever your reasons were, they weren’t enough. It doesn’t matter what was going on in your own life, it’s never an excuse to disrespect the woman that you love by letting her wait for something that will never happen.

You had the most amazing woman right in front of you. She loved you, cared for you, gave everything that she could to make you happy. If you had been able to see that and truly appreciate her, she would have stayed.

If you had cherished her and reminded her every day of how much she meant to you, she could have been yours forever.

She Gave You Every Chance

This woman really did love you more than anything. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have given you as many chances as she did. No matter how many times you let her down, she still tried to see the good in you. Despite every part of her screaming that she should leave you, she still tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.

You completely blew it.

Not only did you waste every chance she gave you, but you were blind to what was happening as well. You didn’t put enough effort into making your relationship work and you didn’t give enough of your time to make her feel cared for. The woman that you loved wasn’t stupid. She knew that she deserved more.

So, she’ll move on and find someone else. She’ll find someone who already has their sh*t together so that she doesn’t have to watch any more of her life slip away before her eyes. In her next relationship, she’ll find love, care, and mutual respect. Most of all, she’ll find everything that you never gave her because you were too preoccupied with yourself.

Sometimes, people need time to figure out their lives. They need time to grow, to learn from their mistakes, and to become better people. However, there’s only so much time that you can have before you need to step up. When you needed to grow the hell up and be there for her, you didn’t. Now, you’ve lost the woman that you loved, and she is never coming back. That will always be the biggest mistake of your life.

To every woman who doesn’t feel appreciated in her relationship, please realize that he isn’t worth it. A man who wastes your time just to play games shouldn’t be given another second of it. Move on from him, heal, and wait for a guy to come around who truly deserves you.

Eva Jackson