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You Still Miss Him And That’s Okay


You still miss him and that’s all right. You don’t have to be ashamed of it.

Because missing him doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you pathetic or clingy.  It just shows how much you loved him.

Because he used to be your greatest love. He used to make your heart beat like crazy by the way he looked at you. He used to make every nerve in your body tremble by the way he caressed you.


You are not weak for missing the person who used to mean the world to you.

You’re not weak for thinking about him from time to time. For hoping to hear his voice again. To see his face again. To hear his laugh, even after all this time.

You’re not pathetic for checking his Facebook profile to see if he’s changed his relationship status or posted a selfie with another girl.

You’re not crazy for checking your phone to see if he’s called or texted you. You’re not crazy for wanting to hear his voice again.

You’re not crazy for reliving old memories and trying to figure out what exactly went wrong between you two.

You still miss him – and that’s okay.

Because you have the right to miss someone you gave your heart and soul to. Someone with whom you had a deep connection. Someone whom you thought you were going to be together with forever.

You still miss him and there’s nothing wrong with that. Because there isn’t a fixed date when you’re going to completely forget about him and move on.

You still miss him and that’s fine because no one has the right to tell you otherwise. Neither your family nor your friends can forbid you to think about or miss him.

Yes, they can be tired of constantly hearing you talk about him, even if it’s been ages since you broke up, but they don’t have the right to tell you that you’re stuck in the past.

You’re allowed to miss him because, even though your relationship failed, there was a time when you were genuinely happy together and when you felt immensely grateful for having each other.

So, remember you’re not weak and pathetic for missing him. Because missing him doesn’t mean you’re still stuck on him. You might know that you were never meant for each other. You might know that your break-up was inevitable.

Missing him doesn’t mean you’re not happy where you’re right now. It doesn’t mean you feel empty or lost. It doesn’t mean you wish you could bring back the past.

You still miss him and that’s okay. Just because he’s no longer in your life, it doesn’t mean he’s not allowed inside your thoughts.

You’re allowed to miss him, my dear. Even if he hurt your feelings. Even if he broke your heart. Even if you’re sure that he’s forgotten you.


Because only those who have loved someone truly, unconditionally, and from the bottom of their heart know how hard it is to forget that person – even if their hopes have been shattered. Even if a long period of time has passed. Even if that person has never deserved their love. Even if it still hurts.

Riley Cooper