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I’m A Woman Who Takes Herself Out On Dates And No, I’m Not Crazy


I am a woman who you’ll see sitting alone at a coffee shop, drinking her coffee, reading a book, and enjoying the peaceful time with herself. I am a woman who doesn’t hesitate to take herself out on dates, go to the movies or to a restaurant alone without feeling ashamed or awkward. I am someone who knows how to have a great and amazing time with herself.

I wasn’t always like this. But with age comes wisdom and I’ve realized that there is immense beauty in doing things alone. Yes, it is great to do things together with your friends. But many people fail to see how wonderful and liberating it is to do things on your own only because they fear others will judge them and think they’re crazy.

Many people are afraid to go out there and do things alone. I was one of them. Now, I realized that I’ve missed out on so many great things and opportunities only because I was ashamed to do them alone. Every time I wanted to go to a concert, travel someplace or do something I love I would always ask my friends and if they refused, then I would give up on the idea altogether.

Now, I am happy that I’ve gotten rid of that mentality that has been holding me back from truly living my life. I no longer depend on other people for doing the things I want. I will do them even if this means that I will be doing them alone. And I assure you that there’s no better feeling than that.

I am a woman who chooses herself first. A woman who does whatever the hell she wants alone.

Because, the reality is, everyone is different. Your friends and family will all have different tastes from you. Therefore, it’s essential to not let them hold you back from the things you love doing. Don’t be scared to do things on your own.

When you are doing things alone, you won’t have to compromise with anyone. You won’t have to wait for anyone. You will do everything at your time and pace. You can do whatever you want. You can meet new exciting people. You can go to your favorite places and eat in all the restaurants you want. The list of why it’s so great to go places alone is endless.

It is a truly empowering experience.

So, go out and make some memories! Stop missing out on things you want to do just because you don’t have company. You are your best company.


Mary Wright