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You Need To Know How To Spot An Extreme Narcissist


I’m okay with admitting now that I used to be a little naïve. I was far too trusting of the people in my life, even when those people hurt me. As a result, I exposed myself to horrible mistreatment and heinous manipulation at the hands of a narcissist. The worst part of it all was that it took me years to see that there was a problem.

It’s not that I was stupid, it’s just that I didn’t have the knowledge to understand which kinds of behaviors signaled a greater issue. Furthermore, I think that that’s something not a lot of people know, but they definitely should. You need to know how to spot an extreme narcissist.

Who They Are

Narcissists are people that lack the level of self-awareness that most other people have. They truly believe that they are far superior to everyone else and that they deserve special treatment. Likewise, they crave attention as well as the adoration of others. When they don’t get the admiration that they expect, things can go south very quickly.

These people are quick to anger when they don’t get their own way. However, they will do whatever they can to avoid losing people’s love and attention. They will manipulate others and lie to them to achieve that. Similarly, if they have a goal that they want to reach, they’re likely to hurt others to get there.

How The Appear to Outsiders

They may lack self-awareness, but they are aware of how to attract people to them. In fact, getting others to like them is one of their biggest talents. They’re charismatic, charming, and can come across as some of the nicest people around. Despite their likable exterior, however, it’s all just a cover for something much darker.

These people need to be in the spotlight and for others to love them. The way that they achieve that is through their charisma. From there, they’re able to pick and choose who they will focus the wealth of their manipulation onto so that they can use them for their own gain.

How They Are in Close Relationships

Things can change rapidly once you’re in a close relationship with a narcissist. Whether they become your best friend or your romantic partner, you’ll soon see more of them than just their charming behavior. They can’t keep that façade up forever, especially when they’re with someone on a regular basis.

Narcissists choose who the people in their inner circle are for a reason. Namely, they choose to be around people that they have a purpose for. So, they’ll use, manipulate, and hurt you to no end if you’re close enough with them. Along with that, they may even gaslight you or use other horrible tactics to bend you to their will. However, no matter how many unbelievably terrible things they do to you, they’ll still be able to convince you that they have your best intentions at heart.

Watch Closely

It’s important that you pay close attention to how people behave around you. Don’t let someone’s charisma fool you into thinking that they’re a genuinely nice person. Likewise, don’t let a close friend or significant other mistreat you just because they make up for it afterward.

In addition to that, be sure to watch how people see themselves. If someone is constantly pushing their way into the spotlight, causing drama, or exaggerating to make themselves look better, they could be a narcissist.

Getting trapped in the world of a narcissist is complete hell. They will lie to you, hurt you, and manipulate you without ever giving it a second thought. The best way that you can protect yourself from their toxic behavior is to know which signs to look out for. If you can get out while you’re still an outsider of their world, you’ll be able to save yourself the pain of becoming their main victim.

Everyone needs to know how they can spot an extreme narcissist. So, share this article with your friends and family to help them.

Eva Jackson