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You Must Fall In Love With Yourself Before You Fall In Love With Someone Else

You Must Fall In Love With Yourself Before You Fall In Love With Someone Else

You must be happy on your own first before you can find happiness with someone else. You must find a kind of happiness that won’t be lost with any disappointment or heartbreak. A kind of happiness which can be only found when your heart is already full and then you intertwine it with someone else’s heart.

You need to first be self-sufficient on your own. You need to be independent and not wait for anyone to come into your life and make it better. Your life must be joyful, beautiful, and fulfilling as it is. You must be able to see the world around you with rose-tinted glasses even when you have no one next you to appreciate it with.

Because, if you fall in love and it doesn’t work out, your world shouldn’t collapse. You shouldn’t base your happiness and everything you have in your life on your relationship because if you break up, then you will be left with nothing.

Yes, you can be sad. Yes, you can cry. You are allowed to have feelings, but you must be okay deep down. You mustn’t let darkness and loneliness reside in your heart. You mustn’t forget who you are.

You need to get yourself to the point of not wanting to be in love at the cost of your happiness and wellbeing. Instead, you should think of yourself like you are love. You should fill yourself with so much love that if someone leaves you out in the cold you will be warm again because you love yourself.

And when you are in love with yourself, if you find someone worthy of you to give your love to, don’t give them the power to break it. Only you have power over yourself and only you can let someone bring you down.

Because deep down, you are a whole person. You are good on your own and you are happy. And no one that comes into your life should be able to destroy that.

So, allow yourself to fall in love. But first, fall in love with yourself. Let someone lift you up, but only you can decide if you’ll fall. Be with someone who will complete you. Someone who will understand you.

Someone with whom you can set the whole world on fire because the passion and the love you have for one another is that big.

Mary Wright