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You Left Me No Other Choice But To Walk Away


You left me no choice but to leave you the moment I told you how I feel about you, how much I love and care about you and you went cold on me. I had to walk away from you because I couldn’t allow you anymore near me. I have let down all my guards and opened my heart to you and all you ever did was acting like it was nothing.

Little did you know that I had chosen you for a reason. That I saw something in you. I am the type of woman that will never settle for someone who is not worthy of all the love I can give. I am a woman who doesn’t let people easily near her heart. Because I know pain. I’ve been hurt before. Many times. I know how deceiving and manipulative people can be and how difficult it is to start again after another heartbreak.

When I first met you, I was happy. There was a spark between us that felt unusual, something I’ve never felt before with anyone else. I really thought that we were destined to be and that you were going to change my life in the most beautiful way possible.

I even told you this. I told you that you are the one for me, not because you were more than what I’ve expected, but because I really believed in us and I loved you for who you are, with all my heart.

Until you started playing games and screwing everything up…

Every time you left me on “seen,” every time you didn’t pick up the phone when I was calling you, every time you made me feel like you don’t care, every time I wasn’t your priority – you’ve reminded me of all the past hurt. Every canceled date made me feel like I am not enough, and this brought up old wounds. Every night you left me to cry alone has made me want to leave you and never look back because I am tired of being hurt again. I am tired of fighting over the same issues. I hate to relieve the same drama.

And in case you’ve forgotten, let me remind you that when I chose to be with you, I was completely healed and ready for love. I was all in. I decided to give it all to you because I honestly thought you are someone who would never hurt me.

This is why I left you. Because you left me no choice but to walk away.

This is why I gave you the cold shoulder. This is why I ignore your calls and text messages. It’s not that I am mad at you or something. It’s that I finally decided to choose myself over your selfish behavior.

Let’s be real here. If you really wanted to be with me and stay in my life you wouldn’t have repeated the same mistakes over and over again. You wouldn’t have made me feel so unhappy and unfulfilled. You wouldn’t have made me feel so abandoned, leaving me out in the cold every time I needed you.

Instead, you should have asked about my feelings. How I feel. What’s bothering me. You never asked how I feel. You just let things be. And you didn’t even notice that my heart was breaking.

If you were the right guy for me as I thought, you wouldn’t have put me through the same pain and heartache.

So, yes. You gave me no other choice but to walk away and save myself.

Mary Wright