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Happy And Lasting Relationships Are Hard Work


Relationships are never a smooth journey – they require hard work and commitment. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to build a healthy, happy, and lasting relationship.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs and unless both partners show patience and willingness to work together to overcome every challenge and problem that might come their way, their relationship will inevitably break down.

Healthy and satisfying relationships require both partners to leave their past burdens behind. They need to set themselves free from all their past heartbreaks, pains, losses, and failures.

Strong and happy relationships are not made just like that. Instead, they require hard work, time, patience, understanding, trust, respect, a willingness to make sacrifices and compromises, and commitment. And any relationship that lacks these elements is doomed to fail.

But most importantly, it takes love to build a strong, meaningful, and successful relationship. And not any kind of love but the deepest and most honest you can give. The most unconditional and intense you can offer. The one that is strong enough to conquer every challenge and problem.

Because that’s what every couple is faced with. And only those couples that show willingness and determination to overcome the obstacles and difficult phases in their relationship make it out alive. Only the couples that don’t give up on each other at the first sign of trouble become stronger and better.

Therefore, we should all stop expecting that romantic relationships are perfect. We should stop expecting that the person we’re in a relationship with will behave exactly the way we want them to. Because this is not true love. This is not a real, meaningful, happy relationship.

A relationship of this kind is built when you accept and cherish your partner the way they are. When you’re aware of all their weaknesses, annoying habits, and fears and you embrace these instead of judging your partner for them.

A good relationship is built when you accept the fact that your significant other is not perfect but you treat them like they are.

A happy and successful relationship is built when you believe in the goodness of your significant other even when they make a mistake, break a promise, or unintentionally hurt your feelings. When you respect your partner’s opinions and ideas no matter how different they are from your own. When you believe that your partner can do better and be better.

A good relationship is built when you accept the fact that there will be a time when you and your partner won’t be able to take care of each other’s needs and desires. There will be moments when the passion between you won’t be as intense as it was at the beginning of your relationship. There will be moments when things will get so tough that you’ll want to just quit and let go of everything.

But it’s exactly in those difficult times that you’ll understand what true love means. Love means being willing to leave your comfort zone. It means sacrificing your own needs, priorities, and desires for the happiness of your significant other. It means reminding yourself why you chose the person you’re with when you hit the first bump in your relationship.

True love means overcoming and learning from your mistakes and moving forward. It means investing a lot of effort and time in your relationship. It means fully committing yourself to your partner and doing your best to nurture your relationship and make it last forever.

Riley Cooper