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You Either Want Me In Your Life Or You Don’t – I Have No Time To Play Games


What are you doing?

One minute you’re pulling me close to you convincing me that you cannot live without me, and then the next minute you’re pushing me away by disappearing in thin air.

Is that your idea of a relationship?

Is that your way of expressing your love?

I don’t think so.

I let you into my life. That is my own fault. I was a fool in love who didn’t know any better.

You seemed like the nice guy any girl would dream of, but it turned out that you were the most dangerous wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just the ordinary player who would do anything in his power to feed his ego and satisfy his hunger.

But, this isn’t what I signed up for.

This isn’t what I looked for in a person when I said yes to sharing a life with you.

Don’t you understand that you’re hurting me?

Can’t you see that I’m suffering?

I need consistency. A person who’d stick to his promise. Someone who would say something and then do everything in his power to make that come true. A man who wouldn’t be afraid to hold my hand, wipe my tears and lift me up when all my spirits are down.

The one thing I hate the most in this f*cked up dating world is not knowing where my relationship takes me. That is why I hate this back and forth thing we do. I hate this game you’re trying to play with me.

Can’t you see?

I’m not one of those girls you who would wait for you to make up your mind. I’m not a one-night thing. I’m not a girl for an adventurous fling.

For me, it’s all or nothing.

Your empty words and shallow promises mean nothing to me. I once thought they had the power to change my life, but as it turned out, they were completely useless.

So, hear me out. It’s very simple.

You either want me in your life or you don’t.

I am a grown woman and I am not afraid to fight for the things I deserve. Especially when it means ending harmful relationships to get there.

I have no time to play games.

I’ve learned my lessons in the past. I’ve been through all of this. But, let me tell you something. I’m never doing it again.

So, it’s on you.

If you really love me like you say you do, you better show it to me. If you really care for me at all, you better express your sincerest emotions in front of me. And if not, then forget I even existed. Forget I was a part of your life. Forget my name. Forget everything about me.

All I know is that this situation is torturing me. A half-assed love will never satisfy me.

So, I have to end it. Once and for all.

It will be painful, but I’ll find the best way to deal with it.

Stephanie Reeds