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14 Unmistakable Signs Your Relationship Is Built To Last Forever


Everyone wants to find the perfect formula to make their relationship last forever, but the truth is such a thing doesn’t exist as every couple is different. Yet, it turns out that all successful, strong, and long-lasting relationships share certain characteristics.

Relationships go through all kinds of changes, both positive and negative. The early stages of every relationship are super fun. You can’t keep your hands off of each other, and you enjoy the closeness, romance, and passion. You want it to last forever, but there’s always this feeling that lingers in you and makes you worry and wonder: Is it always going to be this way?

The thing is, no matter how long you’ve been together and no matter how many trials you’ve overcome in your relationship, you’ll continue to have insecurities about the future. And this feeling of uncertainty will become even stronger whenever you see other couples get married and make those lifelong commitments to one another.

You can even start reexamining your relationship and whether or not both you and your partner are headed in the same direction.

So, how do you know if you have what it takes to stay together forever?

If you can relate to the following 14 signs, the answer might be – yes, you do.

1. You support each other.

You stick with each other through thick and thin. You can have different opinions, attitudes, and interests, but you never judge, or criticize, or make your partner feel less important than you.

Instead, you talk things through, take care of each other’s feelings, opinions, and needs, and always have each other’s backs while facing life’s obstacles.

2. You don’t sweep problems under the carpet.

Instead, you fight well together. You understand that for your relationship to be healthy and successful, you need to overcome all the problems and obstacles that come your way. You feel free and comfortable to tell your partner if there’s something they do that bothers you or hurt your feelings.

But, most importantly, both of you always choose healthy ways to discuss the issues you are having. In this way, you feel heard and respected. Manipulation tactics, such as the silent treatment, gaslighting, or name-calling have never been nor ever will be your way of dealing with your problems.

3You trust each other.

If there’s no trust, there’s no love, and you know this better than anyone else. You have a complete trust in each other and this allows you to be free to be yourself, open up to, and love each other openly and honestly.

Additionally, you feel comfortable and confident that your beloved won’t do things that could hurt you and that he/she is never going to lie or cheat on you. Being able to fully trust each other is the ticket to a long-lasting, blissful relationship.

4. You greatly respect each other.

Respect is the foundation of every meaningful and long-lasting relationship. Couples must respect each other’s opinions, ideas, time, and work. If there’s no mutual respect and honest communication between the partners, they’ll hurt each other’s feelings and the relationship will inevitably fall apart.

5. He/she inspires you to be a better person.

In a relationship which is founded on respect, neither of the partners should change for the other person, nor should they try to change their beloved. Yet, if you motivate each other to become the best version of yourselves and grow personally and professionally, that’s awesome.

If your significant other inspires you to help and treat others with kindness and respect, break bad habits, and be more responsible, this is a sure sign that he/she is the right person for you and that you’re meant to stay together for good.

6. You express gratitude towards each other.

Couples who feel gratitude towards each other and who are not ashamed to openly show that have the healthiest, happiest, and long-lasting relationships.

So, make sure you often tell your beloved things like: “I’m so lucky to have you” or “Thank you for picking up my coat from the dry cleaner.” In this way, you’ll show them how grateful you are for having them in your life and for all the things they do for you every day.

7. You are both in control.

In a relationship that is bound to last forever, neither of the partners is dominant – each has equal control over the romance and equal say about important decisions related to the relationship. There’s no dependency on the other person and there’s an equal exchange of love and affection.

Additionally, successful couples don’t allow other people, including their family and closest friends, to affect and have control over their relationship.

8. You can have fun together doing nothing.

Yes, relationships are supposed to be fun and exciting. But sometimes, it’s the times you spend just lying on the sofa and relaxing quietly that really matter.

Spending time in silence together doesn’t always mean that you feel discomfort or that you’re mad at each other. Instead, it means you’ve become close enough to enjoy each other’s company without entertaining the other person.

9. You kiss a lot.

Kissing is the most distinctive characteristic of all romantic relationships. It’s a pure expression of desire, passion, and intimacy. As times goes on kissing often dwindles, but this is not the case in your relationship. To you, kissing is not just lips meeting each other, but it has a lot more significance.

Moreover, researchers have found that the more you kiss, the more satisfied you’ll be with your relationship and the longer it’ll last. So, go ahead: Smooch like no one’s watching you.

10. You make each other laugh.

Whether you’re telling jokes or funny stories, or reminiscing about your bloopers and the silly things you did together, or just making funny facial expressions, it’s easy for you to make each other laugh.

Laughing together makes you feel happier and more comfortable with each other. So, if you and your beloved do lots of chuckling together, make sure you always stay in that mood.

11. You don’t play mind games.

Couples who are in healthy and successful relationships want the best for their partner. They don’t waste time on playing little mind games or using manipulation tactics. They don’t ignore, lie, or guilt trip the other person.

Instead, they’re always direct and honest with each other and have open communications. In this way, they get closer and more connected to their partner.

12. Your partner’s friends are your friends.

And of course, it’s the same the other way round. Spending time and sharing personal details of your life as a couple with your friends does not only offer you fun, but it also brings you and your partner closer together. These self-disclosure interactions increase feelings of love and enable you to see each other in a new light.

13. You talk the same talk.

When two people are interested in each other, it’s very common for them to use language in the same way. Yet, this doesn’t mean that they always agree with each other, and, in fact, this is even impossible.

So, if you and your significant other often use the same words, it’s very likely you’re perfect for each other and you’ll stay that way forever.

14. You spoon when you sleep.

Couples don’t need a reason to cuddle. Research has shown that couples who sleep closely to each other – less than an inch apart, and like to touch each other are happier than those who don’t get into contact while sleeping.

Riley Cooper