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You Drove Away The Woman Who Just Wanted To Love You And Now She’s Gone For Good


All she wanted was to be with you and you just threw that away. Did you not realize that you had someone amazing in front of you? Maybe you did but it just wasn’t good enough for you. If you hadn’t messed it all up, she’d probably still be standing by your side, showing you all the love and kindness that you could ever want.

In the end, you messed up big time and nothing that you do now can get her back. You drove away the woman who just wanted to love you and now she’s gone for good.

You Took Her For Granted

Someone like her only comes around once in a lifetime, but you were too blind to see that. She gave you everything that she had and poured her heart out for you, but you just didn’t care. You didn’t see all the wonderful things that she gave you. Even worse than that, you didn’t give her anything in return.

Can you see now how much she did for you? I hope you understand that no one else will love you as she did. No one is going to show you the same generosity as she did. You may have thought that there was someone better waiting for you, but you’ll see just how wrong you were. Soon you’ll realize that you should have given her more of your time because you’re never going to find another girl like that.

She Was Going To Stay With You

When you two were together, she planned to be with you for the rest of her life. She wanted a future with you by her side. Despite the problems that you two had together, she really wanted to build a future with you. She was going to be the girl that would grow old and gray with you.

Perhaps those things weren’t important enough to you. It wasn’t good enough to have someone who would stay with you until the end of their days. One day, when you’re left without anyone by your side, you’ll see just how important that is. You’ll wish that you had put in more effort into keeping her.

In spite of any difficulties you both faced, she still tried to fight for you. The sad truth is that someone can only fight alone for so long before they grow too tired to continue. She had to give up the future that she wanted with you because you weren’t willing to try for her. In the end, she couldn’t fight anymore.

You Broke Her Heart

Believe me when I say that she loved you more than the whole world. She would have given you the moon and stars if you had let her. Naturally, she was heartbroken when it all ended. Everything that she has worked towards, all the time she had spent on you, it was all for nothing.

No matter how much it hurt though, she will grow stronger from this. She’ll pick herself up and move on with her life. Whether she finds joy in being by herself or ends up with someone who will show her the respect that she deserves, all we can know for sure is that she will be fine. She will be far better off without you.

While you grieve for the relationship that you once had, she will move on. She’s going to be fine because she knows that she did everything that she could to make your relationship work. In the end, you’re the one who needs to live with the consequences of losing someone who just wanted to love you.

To the women who have been hurt by the people that they love, know that you are so much better off without them in your life. You deserve someone who sees the true beauty from within you and will give as much as they get from you.

Eva Jackson